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    RPG/RPO Thread


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    Post  GarryB Sun Jan 10, 2021 6:06 am

    RPGs are easy to carry and can be used at much shorter ranges than most guided missiles... and for ambushes or for protecting flanks and unexpected directions of enemy attacks they are light and handy and powerful.

    Most soldiers can sling 2-3 RPG-22s or RPG-26s for hitting point targets out to 300m or so that their rifle fire wont effect.

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    RPG/RPO Thread - Page 7 Empty Re: RPG/RPO Thread

    Post  Isos Thu Mar 11, 2021 4:30 pm

    So it turns out that Russia has already a solution against APS. RPG-30 has two rounds and we thought for a long time that the small one was just to activate the APS so that the main round could go throught  

    Well reality is that the small round is an EMP that disables the APS.  Shocked

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    From 20 min to 50 min. It's a former russian scientist that worked in MiC before being jailed for espionage and switched with russian spies.

    There is already a video of him talking about russian SAM at an israeli conference.

    Here he talks about russian ground forces organization.

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