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    Politics of Canada


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    Politics of Canada - Page 4 Empty Re: Politics of Canada

    Post  Kiko Wed May 29, 2024 1:10 am

    Why Justin Trudeau Has Ceased to Be the Voters' Darling in Canada, 05.28.2024.

    Things are not looking particularly good for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the moment, seeing how the Conservative Party is currently enjoying a double-digit lead in the polls over Trudeau’s Liberal Party less than a year and a half away from the next federal election.

    Aside from the general fatigue with the Liberal Party, as some media outlets describe it, the following events and factors also did not help Trudeau’s standing in the eyes of Canadian voters:

    - Canada’s relations with China, as well as with countries such as India and Saudi Arabia, soured after Trudeau’s election in 2015, as the Canadian government seems keen to follow the US’ lead when it comes to foreign policy;

    - In 2017, Trudeau became embroiled in a political scandal caused by revelations that he accepted gifts and private island vacations from Aga Khan, leader of the Shia Ismaili religion, whose foundation ended up receiving millions of dollars of Canadian federal funding in 2016;

    - A veritable political scandal erupted in 2019 amid allegations that Trudeau’s office pressured Canada’s minister of justice to intervene in an ongoing criminal case against SNC-Lavalin construction company;

    - Trudeau’s handling of the so-called Freedom Convoy – a protest by Canadian truckers against the anti-COVID measures and lockdowns imposed by Ottawa – which included mass arrests and freezing of the protesters’ bank accounts, also did not endear the prime minister to his constituents;

    - In September 2023, the Canadian government committed a faux pas of colossal proportions by toasting Ukrainian ex-Waffen SS member Yaroslav Hunka in Canada’s parliament, who was initially presented as a WWII veteran who “fought against Russia”;

    - Last month’s revelations, such as those coming from Fitch Ratings, suggest that Canada's budget deficit continues to grow, and it remains unclear whether Trudeau has a recipe to deal with this problem.

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    Politics of Canada - Page 4 Empty Re: Politics of Canada

    Post  kvs Wed May 29, 2024 5:46 am

    Sputnik is diluting Turdope's abuses.   Turdope forced an experimental vax centred on the highly allergenic spike protein and use of N1-methylpseudouridine instead of
    uridine in the mRNA distributed to cells to manufacture the spike.   This feature causes rybosome glitching (uridine does not cause such glitching) so that the cells
    produced a vast spectrum of spike-like proteins which ratchets up the auto-immune response risk.    Turdope has no qualifications as doctor and vaccine expert and
    has a grade A corrupt conflict of interest in his family's ownership of the Moderna and Pfizer stock.   BTW, just as with US politicians, it is routine for scumbags like
    Turdope to use insider information to cream stock.

    Turdope abused his power by imposing the Emergency Measures Act (formerly War Measures Act) to suppress legitimate, peaceful protests against the gross violation of
    human rights with the forced vaccination edicts of the Turdope regime.    

    Turdope has pushed through Orwellian social media legislation that controls what people can say and social media companies are required to act as government censors
    to impose Turdope's woke degenerate "values".    

    Turdope is a dictator who is pissing on Canadians.

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    Politics of Canada - Page 4 Empty Re: Politics of Canada

    Post  kvs Sun Jul 21, 2024 5:52 pm

    WEF chimp Turdope is trying to go after people's home equity. He yaps about house prices being all about speculation and flipping when it actually
    is about inflation. In Kanada all bank interest is taxed as if there is no inflation. So if the CPI is 6% and you get 4% in interest you are losing 2%
    but you still have to pay taxes as if you gained 4%. Now these maggots want to tax you on the price of your house as if it is all a massive capital
    gain and inflation is zero.

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    Politics of Canada - Page 4 Empty Re: Politics of Canada

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