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    A little late introduction but anyways...


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    A little late introduction but anyways... Empty A little late introduction but anyways...

    Post  KomissarBojanchev Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:32 am

    I was unfortunate enough to forget about introducing my self on this section but still let me do it as fast and complete as possible

    So my name is Alexander and my last last name is in my pseudonym. I am mostly bulgarian blood but my grandmother happens to be russian , and her father was actually in the VDV and was dropped behind enemy lines(byelorussia in 1941) to organise partisan groups, but he died at mamayev kurgan after being transferred in 1942. Tragic peice of family history...

    Anyways I'm assuming I'm the youngest one here but know quite a lot of weapons and I'm interested in researching soviet prototype aircraft of the 30s and also in RPGs and recoilless rifles.

    For anyone asking because of seeing my age no I dont play COD or BF and I'm not a heavy gamer type(I like military discussions better) but still I sometimes play red orchestra(one of the most realistic FPSs) men of war and Il-2 1946.

    I can read and write cyrillic alphabet( bulgarian language is in cyrillic, understand russian but cant speak it due to the massive grammar differences.

    I currently learn french but apart from reading it I cant understand almost a single word in a french language conversation.

    Now about my international and military preferences

    Political views: marxist-leninist(although my parents are hard core capitalist), internationalist

    favorite weapon classes(thermobaric RPGs, MLRS, recoilless rifles, ATGMs, destroyers, cruisers, interceptor aircraft, IFVs,anti material rifles)

    most hated military organisations: mujahedeen, ottoman enichars, ustase, foreighn SS legions(including the bulgarian one), north atlantic terrorist organisation, entente cordiale, freikorps, banderas

    most annoying types of people- baltic SS worshippers, americ**ts(not americans), russian monarchists, serb history fabricators, kosovo supporters, Michael Suckasswilly supporters, demented fellow bulgarians from macedonia that think theyre descendants of Alexander the Great and rhetorically claim that we're tatars from turkey, Bulgarian germanophiles, finnish nationalists that claim how greater they are than "russian pigs"

    Well that pretty much sums it up cheers russia paratrooper

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    A little late introduction but anyways... Empty Re: A little late introduction but anyways...

    Post  Sujoy Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:15 pm

    New kid on the block you are добре дошъл welcome

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    A little late introduction but anyways... Empty Re: A little late introduction but anyways...

    Post  GarryB Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:39 am

    welcome Smile

    I look forward to continuing chatting to you... Wink

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    A little late introduction but anyways... Empty Re: A little late introduction but anyways...

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