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    From India with love.


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    From India with love. Empty From India with love.

    Post  aakash_2410 Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:51 pm

    I'm an Indian living in the UK. I love Russia and Russian people. I know India is getting closer to US but as Indian Prime Minister to said on his state visit to Russia 'No other country in the world can replace Russia from Indian point of view.' Some people argue that now it is only a Buyer-seller relation. Which is NOT TRUE. India and Russia are still very much together making deals in Energy fields, Natural resources, Defence sectors. I'm sure no Indian has forgot how Russia has helped India on countless occasions without any conditions. Like 1065 war with Pakistan, 1971 war by sending Nuclear submarine to drive the Americans away and also used veto for India, 1999 war, 1998 when India tested nukes again. respekt to RUSSIA!

    Long live Russia. russia
    Long live India and long live Russo-Indo friendship. Smile

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    From India with love. Empty Re: From India with love.

    Post  GarryB Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:26 am


    Defence purchases during the 1990s from India is probably the best thing that happened to Russia during that dark period, and those purchases were not poisoned with the threat of copies appearing on the international market like they did with sales to China.

    Hopefully Russia and India will be able to cooperate in many more spheres and that in the military arena they can work on setting up spare parts support operations and working on after sales support practises that make ownership and use of Russian military products easier and more efficient. India can provide direct input in most military programs to customise equipment in ways that will make it more useful to other customers as well.

    Perhaps together India and Russia could expand the range of countries willing to buy Russian products which shrunk dramatically when the Warsaw Pact became junior partners in NATO.

    Look forward to chatting to you... Smile


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