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    Bastard of Beluchistan still lives....after a fashion.


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    Bastard of Beluchistan still lives....after a fashion. Empty Bastard of Beluchistan still lives....after a fashion.

    Post  auslander Sat Nov 19, 2022 8:48 am

    Well, I'm in either #4 or Oncology most every day. At #4 there's 5 clearly marked with a kazzillion signs 'invalid' parking places. Rarely is one 'empty', everyone tries to park in 'invalid' and hop across the main drag with no invalid docs or permissions. (I'll only be a minute) Problem is her 'minute' is often well over an hour, the auto insurance agency is right across the street. My problem is many days it's all I can do to walk the 50 meters to main HQ of #4 let alone feed the vampires, seems like whenever I'm within a few klicks of that place. I've called the vampires that for years and it's the same gal all these years, really a nice blood gobbler, and I'm teaching her English, at least a tad, for pronunciation.

    Suffice it to say the lady trying to purchase vehicle insurance (by law EVERYONE has to have it) really screwed up in more ways than one (she didn't have no health insurance either).

    Not a problem, take all the time you need, madame. As I mutter in English and/or German. The Madame does speak some English but she is not a patient of #4, nor is her child. Off pissed me a tad to say the least.

    Flatbed evacquater was working that morning so I just called a pal on the local DPS, road cops. They snatched her French car and took it to car compound, then I was directed to plant my little A Klass where it belongs (with security guard), in Invalid spot. All my documents are current and correct so here the 'lady' comes out of Insurance under a full head of steam and seems she knows every 'not lady's' word in English and some in German.

    So, DPS arrests her car (around 100 bucks) and hands her a lovely little fine for another close to a hunnert bucks. Damned expensive 'I'll just be a few minutes' and I did take the time to show her that no where does it say for 'invalid parking' do it say anything about 'just a few minutes'. Bitch. Rule #1. Don't unrinate off an old man who is in pain and wants to get his young ass in to Hospital.

    VCO arrived at the end of the screaming match. That weren't pretty either. VCO don't take prisoners, either. Ever (eyes on evidence of that little foible).

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    Bastard of Beluchistan still lives....after a fashion. Empty Re: Bastard of Beluchistan still lives....after a fashion.

    Post  GarryB Sat Nov 19, 2022 7:47 pm

    My personal experience is that most places never have enough parking close or places to drop people off and pick them up.

    There are people who can't walk more than 30 metres without help, especially when the footpath is uneven, but do not qualify to park in the handicap parks that are for people with difficulties.

    I sometimes stop on bus stops to drop off or pick up, but never sit and wait, and of course I check there are no buses approaching, but when I do that I still know it is illegal I am afraid. Embarassed

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