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    Su-57 Stealth Fighter: News #8


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    Su-57 Stealth Fighter: News #8 - Page 8 Empty Re: Su-57 Stealth Fighter: News #8

    Post  Lennox Today at 2:16 am

    Arkanghelsk wrote:

    No doubt they also saw on NEBO that Su57 in configuration is not visible on radar.

    Same old dilemma. Would this mean that the radar is weak/bad, or the Su-57's VLO design is good scratch scratch

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    Su-57 Stealth Fighter: News #8 - Page 8 Empty Re: Su-57 Stealth Fighter: News #8

    Post  GarryB Today at 7:27 am

    The latter picture has clear IR seeker.

    Yes, the problem is that this missile is a cold war design that was started not long after the R-73 entered widespread service and the company that was developing it is now in the Ukraine.

    To the best of my knowledge they want a mix of short range weapons, where a very short range missile will be 9M100 based that has anti missile self defence capabilities that is also used on land and at sea for short range defence from enemy standoff weapons and munitions... in the naval version may have ARH as well as IIR homing options for sea mist and sea fog and other weather conditions not suited to IR guidance... like tropical hot or desert hot conditions where thermals are not so good for seeing humans with body temperature of 37-38 degrees in air temperatures of 40 degrees or higher... thermals are not so useful or in monsoon levels of rain where IIR visibility is not so good where ARH works just fine.

    They also want a longer ranged IR guided weapon... so in a sense a bit like the AA-2 and AA-8 combination that was later replaced with an AA-8 and AA-11 combination... but AA-11 was so good it tended to replace both.

    Don't underestimate AIM-9X.

    Americans were shocked with R-73 and AIM-9X development came as a result of that shock.
    The X model is pretty good missile.
    This is the reason why new RVV-MD development came to be.

    When the Americans found out actually how good the R-73 they actually dropped out of the ASRAAM programme and focussed on the AMRAAM programme.

    There was an agreement that America would make the new BVR missile... AMRAAM, and the UK would make the new WVR missile... ASRAAM and everyone in HATO would buy both. America... after experience with East German MiG-29s and R-73s realised that WVR combat was suicide... even if you killed him, as long as he had the chance to launch a missile at you then there was a very good chance he would kill you too. In practise he mostly just killed you because he didn't have to manouver to get onto your tail he could just launch and it got you. This was a combination of field of view of the missile seeker, the high target tracking rate of the seeker and the thrust vectoring rocket motor that allowed it to turn off the launch rail and chase anything even if its control surfaces and stabiliser surfaces stalled it could keep its nose pointed at you and locked.

    The AIM-9X is not a terrible missile but it is a very old missile that has been through a lot of upgrades.

    The RVV-MD is a generational upgrade for an aging missile... the Soviet Sidewinder has been supplemented (AA8) and replaced (AA-11) already and now they are further upgrading their WVR missile for internal weapon bay carriage and launch.

    New Russian SRAAM needs to be more compact to be internally carried and it needs new seeker to have better ECCM capabilities.

    It is likely they will have two short range air to air missiles in addition of course to MANPADS designs. The smaller of the two will be carried as a self defence weapon by bombers too.

    What Americans clearly ignored is Russian DIRCM capabilities.
    They thought that since they have AIM-9X their F-35 does not have to be a outstanding dogfighting plane.

    They realised with modern capable WVR missiles that dogfighting was suicide and that launching from a distance is safer... which is very true... short range missiles seem to be rather more capable than BVR missiles in real combat.

    Thats where they are wrong and proof of that is each modern plane still has the good old cannon.

    New Russian stealth aircraft are all designed to turn and fight... guided missiles can be defeated and sometimes it comes down to guns...

    No doubt they also saw on NEBO that Su57 in configuration is not visible on radar.

    Invisible is too expensive to achieve and maintain, and agaisnt certain type of sensors is not achievable anyway... so all that extra money is wasted.

    Some level of stealth to delay detection and make some locks for small radars like those on missiles easier to break is valuable and worth extra money.

    Same old dilemma. Would this mean that the radar is weak/bad, or the Su-57's VLO design is good

    No dilemma at all.... NEBO operates in three very different radar frequency ranges and is specifically designed to detect and track aircraft optimised for Ku and Ka band frequency stealth aircraft.

    The main difference is that the wing mounted L band AESAs on the Su-57 probably would have detect NEBO scanning for it, while the F-35 would have no idea the NEBO was there.

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