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    Recreational vehicles either custom or derived from existing new and obsolete armour


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    Recreational vehicles either custom or derived from existing new and obsolete armour Empty Recreational vehicles either custom or derived from existing new and obsolete armour

    Post  GarryB Sat Mar 06, 2021 2:06 am

    On another thread there was an article about new lighter armour for armoured vehicles and I started wandering off topic regarding potential for civilian vehicles... the new armour is lighter which improves the amphibious performance of the vehicles, but I was thinking more of using new plastic materials that are reliable and durable like new plastics that outdoor furniture is made from these days.

    The old stuff used to weather badly and crumble in the heat and weather over time, but the new stuff is amazing and you can just hose it down and it looks brand new even after years of being outside.

    Vehicles like the BTR series...especially the latest one, the BTR-87 with the front mounted engine would be rather interesting if they replaced the metal armour with really thick plastic like they use in garden chairs these days... resistant to sunlight and weathering.. that stuff is indestructable... but make it 30-40mm thick and it should be strong enough and also water proof enough to be the shell of a recreational vehicle that could be designed to be boat like to allow a wheeled vehicle that could be driven into places no other vehicle could go... make it salt water proof and you could drive down the beach to those more inaccessible places and find a river or stream to drive up to reach hunting areas you would normally have to get to by helicopter or days of tramping.

    Better still make it all electric drive and arrange the wheels so you can fit tracks on them for driving across very soft ground.

    The point is that with metal armour the BTR is in the 12-14 ton weight range, but making it from plastic getting its weight down to a third or a quarter of that would greatly reduce the amount of engine power you would need.

    Obviously it no longer needs to be bullet proof so you could reshape the upper structure to be more van like than armoured vehicle like for better views and visibility but of course cameras can be located all over the place for easy manouvering in difficult terrain.... LED lights could make it all weather and day/night capable too.

    You could use it for walking or hunting/fishing... you could take it for a day on a lake or snow skiing (wouldn't be fast enough for water skiing), or just getting out and about in the wop wops.

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