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    Future Russian Aircraft Carriers and Deck Aviation. #2


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    Future Russian Aircraft Carriers and Deck Aviation. #2 - Page 29 Empty Re: Future Russian Aircraft Carriers and Deck Aviation. #2

    Post  GarryB Wed May 26, 2021 9:16 am

    I think the only thing that remains to be seen is whether they will have manned or unmanned fighters.

    Most of the details have been worked out over the last 50 years... we have known since the mid 1980s that the plans are for 70-90K ton carrier with nuke propulsion and a Flanker like main fighter, with catapult launch for a decent AWACS platform which is probably more important than the fighters to be honest.

    Honestly the more I think about it the more I like the idea of an Airship for AWACS on land and at sea.... something broadly wing shaped like a giant flying wing with a huge flat top that could be used for operating drones from and with a lower surface design that would allow it to land on the water or ground if needed.

    Modern composite materials and carbon fibre and glass fibre construction and with fuel cell/water ballast design with solar panels and nuclear power with some sort of tiny nuclear battery to ensure 24/7 radar operations... radar antenna that can be built into the structure of the airship.

    The ideal antenna for communicating in low wave radio is a 2km wire antenna normally carried by the Tu-142, which is dangerous for the Bear to use as it needs to be as vertical as possible to work properly meaning very low speed flight... no problem with an airship.

    The Airship should be able to fly at about 80-90km/h which should allow it to keep up with the fleet... it could probably climb and get into airstreams to get speed boosts without even using engine power.

    Running the radar will generate heat within the structure adding to lift as well...

    In terms of operations it could be designed to operate autonomously or in manned mode.... it could fly down to a ship and lower a cage to allow crew on board or could just follow the carrier group around the world in automatic mode.

    They could make transport models to deliver odd sized cargos anywhere in the world... no need for radars on those so no need for nuke power...

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    Future Russian Aircraft Carriers and Deck Aviation. #2 - Page 29 Empty Re: Future Russian Aircraft Carriers and Deck Aviation. #2

    Post  Mir Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:16 pm

    The Soviets always managed to produce naval ships that were a "little out of the box" in their design and philosophy. The Russians should be able to continue that tradition.

    I am pretty sure - or rather hopeful - that the new carriers will embark a lot of UAV types. I can't see any reason why the role of an AWACS, ASW, most strike and even air defense elements won't be UAV's.

    This should make things a lot cheaper to build and to operate and if the tech is good - fewer accidents due to human error.

    In the end it could probably mean that you would be able to build more carriers faster for your buck?

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