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    VKS Russian Aerospace Forces: News #2


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    VKS Russian Aerospace Forces: News #2 - Page 23 Empty Re: VKS Russian Aerospace Forces: News #2

    Post  franco Mon Apr 19, 2021 10:17 pm

    lancelot wrote:
    gbu48098 wrote:
    flamming_python wrote:
    gbu48098 wrote:Not sure if this is the right thread but curious why are the Russian pilots fat and generally stocky build?

    Because they're older. It takes years to train such specialists and years more to gain experience

    Young pilots are just as slim as everyone else.
    I thought pilots and submariners have strict physicals, so always was a bit puzzled.

    At the time Russia had the MiG-15 they typically chose pilots with a stocky build because it is easier for the blood to reach the brain from the heart if you are shorter, this makes them more resistant to blackouts, and at the time you needed a lot of physical strength to handle the controls. Today with pressure suits that is not a problem anymore.

    And remember under those blue suits is a pressure suit.

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