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    Politics and Government of Russia


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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  PapaDragon Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:46 pm

    franco wrote:"We are waiting for changes!"

    World agenda
    2) Another possible direction for provoking a military conflict is the Baltic-Kaliningrad link;
    5) The Kurils, etc. are the same possible target.
    Author: Samsonov Alexander

    People who actually think that anything will be happening in Kalingrad or Kurils outside WW3 is being a drama queen

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  miketheterrible Wed Jan 27, 2021 6:43 am

    PapaDragon wrote:
    franco wrote:"We are waiting for changes!"

    World agenda
    2) Another possible direction for provoking a military conflict is the Baltic-Kaliningrad link;
    5) The Kurils, etc. are the same possible target.
    Author: Samsonov Alexander

    People who actually think that anything will be happening in Kalingrad or Kurils outside WW3 is being  a drama queen

    That I never understood how there are people who can't seem to figure out that there is no such thing as limited regional conflicts, especially against a large nations territory like that of Russia, that doesn't drag the entire nation to war.

    Russia would steam roll through all these US proxies around it if in case it came to a conflict.

    I agree. But you are too nice. They are not just drama queens, but full fledged retards.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  miketheterrible Wed Jan 27, 2021 6:48 am

    franco wrote:The point the authors are raising is the war that the West commenced a few years back to go after the hearts and minds of the 15-25 year olds Russian youth. The West realized that they were not succeeding with the overall Russian population so changed tactics. The West will never give up but will continue to come until they own Russia. Now they are on a 25 year plan to convert the Russian youth into adult pro-westerns. One of the authors referred to them as the TikTok's however my favorite is the Me Me generation. Perhaps something gets lost in the translations.

    The government is aware of this hence:
    - reintroduction of patriotic studies in school
    - development of the Yunarmiya youth organization sponsored by the military and security (presently 750,000 plus)
    - military political officers in the military
    - extensive group of military boarding schools sponsored by military, security, Cossack and other patriotic groups to develop the leaders for the next generations
    - purpose of these articles above is to point out the danger to society and parents specifically

    Fair point and reason why I don't attack you is because I k ow what you say carries weight behind it.

    We understand what you are saying, but how the author writes it, heavily discredits him and his points will be lost in such translation.

    This is always been the game. Most people old enough now were educated by pro western education system and it still didn't work because the west exposed itself. Most of the youth seems to be rather pro Russia and while some liberal mindsets still plague the children (lgbtqmnop++-!!), For the most part, they still show nationalistic viewpoints.

    The issue isn't them I view. It's the small regions with minority groups who love to talk about their nationalism (Tatarstan as example). And the promotion of it comes from nations like Turkey.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  Hole Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:16 pm

    The west is broke. He has no 25 years.

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  GarryB Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:58 am

    It is the game they have always played... the lure of blue jeans, coca cola and junk food and rock and roll...

    The thing is that you can have all that without being Americas bitch... you can make that yourself.

    Their real problem is the truth, and the internet is something they have trouble controlling... previously they fully controlled all the media people in the west can access, so there was only the minor problem of people who have travelled to the countries they talk about who tell other people they aren't so bad, or worse, that there are a lot of problems in countries depicted as perfect.

    Russia needs to focus on developing ideas and ways of doing things that benefit all Russians, and if it also benefits people from other countries in a good way then that is OK too.

    Russia does not succeed by crushing the west or any other country.

    A good christian will offer a helping hand even to an enemy... but be wary of course in case they try to pull you over the cliff with them.

    It is not about being weak, it is about doing the right thing... just because the leadership in the west are a bunch of selfish censored it does not mean all the people in the west deserve what is coming.

    Most of them are as helpless to get western governments to see reason as Putin is.

    The west has been openly attacking Russia for a decade... before that they assumed they were beaten and no longer a potential rival so they largely ignored them... which really pushed Russia to develop and to grow so they will get a say in affairs that concern them.

    If the west had been fair and honest the Russians might have even felt they owed the west a debt for treating a former enemy with some respect.

    I mean they patched things up with the nazis in west germany real fast and the Imperial Japanese soon became friends and allies, and they even managed to work with Stalin against the Nazis and the Japs, and during the cold war they managed to cooperate with Communist China.... which they have just suddenly noticed is still communist.

    Of course they can cooperate with Russia with all its mineral and energy wealth and all that land... but only on western terms... where essentially steal the resources for a fraction of their worth and pay the Russian peanuts for the privileged of western companies making enormous fortunes.

    They should play speeches in the west about how Russians are genetically wired to be bad, as Crapper once said... No body present objected or booed or made any complaint at such a xenophobic statement... but Russians are fair game in the west...

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  franco Fri Jan 29, 2021 3:06 pm

    MOSCOW. Jan 29 (Interfax) - The Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO), the Carnegie Moscow Center, and the Moscow State Institute of international Relations (MGIMO) have been included in the prestigious 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report compiled by the University of Pennsylvania.

    IMEMO ranks 33rd; MGIMO is 124th.

    The Top 5 are: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (U.S.), Bruegel (Belgium), the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (U.S.), the French institute of international relations (France), and the Japan Institute of International Affairs was rated the best think tank of the year.

    The analysis covered more than 11,000 analytical centers over the world (with its 143 think tanks, Russia ranks 12th in terms of numbers globally), 174 of which made it to the global index.

    In Central and Eastern Europe, there were 17 think tanks from Russia, including the Center for Economic and Financial Research and Development of the New Economic School (in 15th place), the Academy of Sciences' Institute for US and Canadian Studies (26th place), the Independent Institute of Social Policy (29th), Yegor Gaidar Institute of Economic Policy (32nd), the Economic Expert Group (44th), the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC, 47th), and the Analytical Center of the Russian Government (54th).

    IMEMO, the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, MGIMO, RIAC and the Council for Foreign and Defense Policies were also included in the rating of defense and national security think tanks; they are also, along with the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Europe, are in the rating of centers for foreign policy and international relations.

    IMEMO also ranked number 12 in the Think Tank Conference category.

    IMEMO Director Feodor Voitolovsky told Interfax that "think tanks as a phenomenon have existed for more than 100 years already."

    "Over this period, not only have they become important suppliers of ideas and analytics for governments, but they have turned into important players of international communications and formation of the global agenda. Besides, expert advisory centers are important suppliers of professional expert knowledge about the world economy and politics to the public in a world torn apart by information rivalry and overflown with fake news. It is particularly important. Another key function of think tanks is so-called Track II diplomacy - expert consultations on challenging issues of global politics and international security. Representatives of the expert and analytical community face the same burden of responsibility as professional diplomats, but they may prove to be very helpful in formulating and openly discussing ideas that may further be used in official negotiations," he said.

    RAS Institute for US and Canadian Studies Director Valery Garbuzov, in turn, said that independent analytical centers are a "necessary element within the mechanism of political decision making of any state."

    "They play a special, unmatched role in developing and forming a country's foreign policy, in forming foreign policy of a government. Without preliminary analysis of possible options of decisions that are being adopted, effective government regulation of the economy, the social sector, and appropriate foreign policy conduct are hardly possible," Garbuzov told Interfax.

    MGIMO Rector, RAS Academician Anatoly Torkunov, for his part, noted that the "University of Pennsylvania ranking differs from other recognized world rankings by its approaches to making assessments."

    "Its specific features include consideration for the university's expert authority, the relevance of its employees' comments in the media, and the applied analytical potential of the university's team," he said.

    Global recognition of achievements of MGIMO as a think tank gives "crucial impetus to the further development of scientific and expert infrastructure, to self-motivated search for subjects for analysis that are meaningful from a practical standpoint," he said.

    "I am convinced that Russian studies of international relations and the role of people in them should become more accessible to the global audience, not only within the academic community, but also among people who make decisions. The establishment in 2020 of the world-class Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Human Potential will help tackle this vital task," the MGIMO rector said.

    An expert meeting dedicated to the publication of the 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report will be held next week as part of the joint project of IMEMO and Interfax "Russia and the World: the professional conversation". The subject of the upcoming meeting will be Russian think tanks within the global dimension. The meeting will center on the positions of Russian think tanks in the global context, key avenues of their work, their development prospects, and challenges they face.

    Note: just some numbers

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    Politics and Government of Russia - Page 23 Empty Re: Politics and Government of Russia

    Post  franco Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:20 pm

    Children need to be educated, and not spit on their fate

    How tired I am of TV and radio, and the Internet. And not because they exist. And, willy-nilly, I have to listen to what they say there. On the contrary, I see the media and the Internet, including social media, as one of the ways to communicate with the world. To understand what is hidden in the heads of friends and enemies.

    On the eve of the next announced performances on the Old Square, about which almost all social networks shout, I think it would be appropriate to talk about ... our children. Not about those someone's, some other dads and mothers, grandparents, but about ours. About those we are talking about:

    "I have a smart child, brought up by me and understands well when they try to use him."

    Those other people's children, in relation to whom I hear calls to punish, send to special schools, deprive of some rights, etc., are of little interest to me ...

    True, it seems to me, if suddenly in a crowd of "protesters in general" If I see my son or grandson with a baton in a fight, my opinion will change dramatically. This is my child, which means he cannot be a criminal.

    Is it legal to be tough with children

    I have closely followed how the authorities would react to the January 23 riots.

    At the same time, I looked closely at how the opposing side reacted to the results of the rallies. Although, to be honest, I have not seen rallies anywhere. It is clear that nothing serious could have happened in the outback simply because of the small number of protesters, although Vladivostok surprised me. But in Moscow and St. Petersburg ...

    Maybe I'm a moss-covered conservative who did not see the current trends, but, in my opinion, a rally is when they not only walk around and yell some stupid things to infuriate law enforcement officers, but act, express their point of view on this or that event, call for some action.

    I perceive a meeting or some kind of procession as an ordinary public event. The only difference is in what the protesters express. There is a religious procession - here is the procession of believers. Public event. Fans of "Spartak" or "Dynamo" came out to celebrate the victory of their team near the stadium. Isn't it a rally? Moreover, it was unauthorized. But understandable to any passer-by.

    What I saw almost a week ago was a clear provocation, when the audience tried to use technologies already tested in Ukraine and Belarus. To provoke the police and other special services into harsh actions like those demonstrated by the police in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA ...

    Our police have worked well. Without blood and without sacred sacrifices. But at the same time, a fairly large number of law enforcement officers were injured and mutilated. The property of power structures was damaged. How to deal with this? Why did this happen? Why does the crowd calmly go to clashes with the police?

    It seems to me that the reason is that the actions of our police and other security officials are quite strongly regulated by law. You probably remember the episode when "civilians" beat a traffic police officer, and his friend, instead of using a weapon , ran to calm them down. How many times did you discuss this situation later? It was necessary that, it was necessary ... He was armed! ..

    So what? The very first shot in the direction of the attackers, even if it did not hit, would mean at least a hassle about the use of weapons, and, as a maximum, time. And everything is according to the law. So the policeman will not use weapons the way they show every day in Russian militants. Well, this is a rare case. And what about the "democratizer"?

    A crowd goes to the chain of law enforcement officers. Obviously to fight. It is clear that clubs are used here. But tell me, how to distinguish an adult, twenty-year-old fighter, from an almost two-meter 16-year-old teenager accelerator in this dance? But try to hit him with a club. What will the media howl? How many human rights defenders will broadcast on TV about police arbitrariness? How long will prosecutors and investigators check the legality of this strike?

    It seems to me that it is necessary to clearly state in the law that participation in mass demonstrations of youngsters, under 14 or 16 years old, is punishable by a serious fine for the parents of the child. And if this child participates in fights and other clashes with the police and (or) when the law enforcement officer receives any injuries and mutilations from the actions of this child, the norm should be legalized that criminal liability for this begins from the age of 14 (16). So that the policeman is not afraid to be a policeman.

    This time, the police managed to keep the situation under control without using harsh measures. But, we saw that militants and fascists had already appeared in the ranks of the protesters. And it was obvious even not to specialists. Where is the guarantee that next time these same militants will act in the same way, without using weapons? Where is the guarantee that there will be no corpses? We remember the first corpse on the Maidan. We remember where and how he appeared.

    You have to answer for words and lies

    It was very interesting for me to observe the opinion of readers on the Internet. Close the internet! Create a local network only for Russians! Block ... Force ... Shield children from Western influence ... And the like. Doesn't it resemble the Great Wall of China? Or "Yatsenyuk's wall"?

    Do we confess that our children are no longer ours? That some blogger is more important to them than their father or mother? Are we signing our own powerlessness? But these are our children! We educate them in our own image. We put a particle of ourselves in them.

    Once upon a time, in the days of ona, when there were no computers and other means of communication, and the TV showed a couple of channels, we were brought up in school and on the street just like today. Parents, as now, worked. Probably, there was no boy who at least once in his life did not commit something that could qualify as a misdemeanor. The street is like that ...

    But the street had one very important educational function. The street taught us to be responsible for our words. It was impossible to hide behind some abstract nickname, it was impossible to use spyware, which supposedly cannot be traced. We just spoke on our own, or referred to whoever said it. And if someone was lying, the street's response was brutal.

    With the advent of the Internet, information began to spread anonymously. The blogger said ... Moreover, the information became false in essence. Today, the majority of Internet users use a fake Wiki instead of encyclopedias. Don't we need correct knowledge? We require knowledge of the majority. If everyone thinks so, then this is the truth.

    And that's when we lost our children.

    The factor of responsibility for their words disappeared. But the opinion of the majority appeared, the whole world is with us and the like. A society of people without a face! A society where you can say everything and you won't get anything for it. It is not Vasya or Dasha Pupkin speaking, but the Crazy Chair and Wooden Malvina.

    Remember the many messages in the same TikTok about the atrocities of riot police, about the order to use weapons against protesters, about the many killed, and so on? But these messages were immediately multiplied by numerous reposts and collected tens of thousands of likes in a short time. What is the answer? In response - a post about the fact that this is a lie, which was watched by a thousand people.

    It is clear that among the many participants in the "children's" social networks there are adult professionals. And that these professionals themselves work "for children" or use real children for this purpose. But those who repost are real children. I recently reread the comments under one of my articles. And you know, I saw exactly the same technologies that are used for children.

    If we discard the arguments about the economy, corruption, lagging behind the West and so on, then in the "bottom line" you will see a very simple, primitive:

    “We, free, educated and successful people who do not steal, do not fight, are not in power, not journalists or propagandists, are against Putin. And all those who are for him are putinoids, uneducated cattle and genetic slaves. "

    And all the rest of the "dregs" are wound on this primitive thesis.

    But back to our children. What should be done? The answer is obvious.

    Impunity breeds new misconduct and even crime. The fact that the government, including in Russia, controls the Internet, we saw in the examples that are shown on TV screens. How many bloggers have already been found ... So technically this is not a problem.

    We need to start with bloggers. The desire for big money has generated a fairly large layer of people who work professionally as bloggers. They have an audience of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people. And at the same time, unlike the journalists of the official media, they are not limited by any laws.

    I think that blogging, after the number of subscribers reaches some serious number (10 or 100 thousand), should automatically obey the same laws as the media. With all the ensuing limitations and responsibilities. You have to answer for words, including with a ruble or freedom.

    You also need to work with children who repost explicit stuffing. Are there officers in the police who work with this particular category? So let them work.

    Indeed, for most of them, a simple conversation is enough in order to no longer repeat mistakes. Just a call to the police's nursery and a reasoned conversation with the child and his parents. Such a social media user is no less dangerous than the bully who smashed the glass at the school with a soccer ball.

    There are no lost generations

    I often hear the opinion that because of our experiments in the field of upbringing and education, we have lost a whole generation. Such reasoning in the style of "heroes are not you." I wonder who is serving in Syria now? Working in business? Who is doing the same Internet? Aren't they representatives of this most allegedly "lost generation"?

    Talking about "losses" is nothing more than another version of the thesis "about free and slaves" already mentioned by me above. And those who have just been drafted into the army and serve now are representatives of what generation? For some reason, we do not recognize these people as the representatives of their generation? For us, are representatives piled high, parasites, liberal whiners?

    A generation, like a people, consists of specific people. All abstract and meaningless terms such as generation, man, people and the like do not oblige us to anything. The whole world is against ... And I'm for. It turns out that I do not enter this whole world? Or am I not a people if I do not support the ideas of “the whole people”?

    Our children are an extension of us. They are just proof of our immortality. They cannot be lost. They may be slightly different. Like classic works of art. The story of Romeo and Juliet, repeated hundreds of thousands of times by other authors who simply inserted heroes into a more modern interior.

    Therefore, children must be brought up, and not give a damn about their future fate.

    To educate not only with loving stroking on the head, but also (at least sometimes) with reasonable punishments for misdeeds. Denying something is easy. How long have bad habits been banned? But the prohibition will be in effect only when the child himself begins to understand and accept it.

    That is, you should help the child understand why this should not be done. This is the educational work of parents.

    Alexander Staver

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