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    European gas market


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    European gas market - Page 2 Empty Re: European gas market

    Post  JohninMK 03/10/21, 04:47 pm

    miketheterrible wrote:
    I'm curious where Ukraine is a competition for Russia?
    Easy, in the production of manpower. Ukraine is exporting more workers to Russia than Russia produces. Laughing Laughing It can't continue, its like selling the family silver.

    I wonder whether the UK will start buying gas from Russia again this winter as we did in 2019.

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    European gas market - Page 2 Empty Re: European gas market

    Post  GarryB 04/10/21, 08:35 am

    For that reason Russia probably do not want to deal with them and started building alternative routes.

    Exactly... this is not Russia using gas supplies as a weapon, this is a country in the chain stealing gas and Russia getting the blame for that gas not arriving to the customer down the chain.

    Now they are making demands as to how much gas they send down that pipe to keep their transit fees up... well that is up to the customer on the end because ultimately it is the customer on the end that pays the transit fees in the higher prices it pays for its gas.

    If the customer wants cheaper south stream or north stream 1 or 2 gas then it is the customer cutting out the Ukraine as a transit country... not Russia.

    There would be no value in spending billions of dollars building new alternative pipelines except for Kievs thieving and also the potential growth increases for Europe needing extra gas in case wind and solar do not perform as expected... which is already happening... sounds like Europe is exceptionally lucky they have two new pipelines coming on line that can boost supply if needed.

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    European gas market - Page 2 Empty Re: European gas market

    Post  George1 08/10/21, 02:52 am

    Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline could play a key role in resolving the European energy crisis. But the project still needs the greenlight from Germany.

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    European gas market - Page 2 Empty Re: European gas market

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