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    Russian - Sudan Military cooperation


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    Russian - Sudan Military cooperation Empty Russian - Sudan Military cooperation

    Post  Viktor Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:37 pm

    Expanding influence.

    Russia to supply helicopters to Sudan for $ 200 million

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    Russian - Sudan Military cooperation Empty Russian - Sudan Military cooperation

    Post  George1 Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:17 am

    Russia to sell Sudan 170 T-72 tanks

    The newspaper "The News" September 20, 2016 published an article by Nicholas Surkov and Aleksei Ranma "Russia sells Sudan 170 T-72 tanks. The whole party will be taken by the Ministry of Defense warehouses and delivered in the shortest possible time", in which it is reported that Russia and Sudan agreed on delivery of a large batch tanks. According to a source of "Izvestia", Khartoum in the near future will receive 150 main battle tanks (MBT) T-72. Another 20 such machines will be delivered to the parts to the main batch. The tanks will be delivered "from the presence of" the Ministry of Defense, which means a relatively short implementation time of the transaction. According to "Izvestia" another source in the Defense Ministry, the work on the preparation of the party fighting vehicles, designed to be sent to Sudan, has already begun. Interviewed experts believe that the deal will allow the Russian defense oust competitors in the Sudanese armor market.

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