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    River dams and their problems


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    River dams and their problems Empty River dams and their problems

    Post  kvs Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:56 am

    I think a new thread for this topic is worthwhile since there are all sorts of war-generating situations around the world caused by dams.

    Ethiopia is about to complete a large hydro-electric dam on one of the two main tributaries to the Nile and is causing concern
    in Egypt that it will reduced downstream flow during droughts causing Egyptian farmers to suffer.

    This is true if Egypt does nothing. It could build its own dams on the Nile and already has them. So if it is a concern what
    Ethiopia and potentially Sudan will do during droughts, the solution is to create new reservoir capacity in Egypt. No country
    can stop drainage of catchments completely since dams have a maximal load and size requiring bypass flow especially during
    flooding events. So Egypt will be able to fill up new reservoirs and save itself from potential Ethiopian hoarding during droughts.

    Here is some coverage of Turkish dam building:

    Here is a thesis on the Israeli coveting of Lebanese fresh water:

    A lot of geopolitical analysis is facile BS. There are many factors to war and regime change and economics is one of the
    prime reasons.

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