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    Russian medicine


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    Russian medicine Empty Russian medicine

    Post  kvs on Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:50 pm

    I was surprised to find out how Jordan Peterson the notable PC non-conformist and one of the few sane intellectuals around
    almost died.

    He got heavily onto anti-depressants when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.   But I also think that this was due to the
    enormous pressure on him for his dissident views.   Society victimizes "heretics".    He became dependent on the main
    anti-depressant he was taking and got into a withdrawal hole when he tried to quit.   This was not a mild withdrawal and
    he got into a state where both the Canadian and US health care systems could not give him the required treatment.

    I don't know all the details but his situation was grim.   And the "coup de grace" was that he got pneumonia.   The combination
    put him on his death bed.

    By chance, the husband of his daughter happened to be Russian and convinced the family to send Peterson to Russia for
    treatment.   He was put into a medically induced sleep and his blood was filtered to remove traces of the anti-depressant
    drug.   In the end he was saved from the severe withdrawal syndrome and the pneumonia.

    Western propagandists and their fellow travelers in Russia love to pour excrement on all things Russia.   This includes
    the Russian medical system.  Well, here is an example where a precious western medical system couldn't do the job
    when the Russian system could.   And this is not some trivial example that can be fobbed off.   The Canadian and western
    medical systems are in total crisis from runaway health care costs: in the USA the medical industry inflation was 10%
    back in the early 2000s and remains high today which translates into 1.1^19 = 6.1 fold increase in prices.
    But the Russian system is not just working by default, it is always advancing with new equipment, therapies and drugs.

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