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    How to Defend Armored Vehicles Against Modern ATGM?


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    How to Defend Armored Vehicles Against Modern ATGM? Empty How to Defend Armored Vehicles Against Modern ATGM?

    Post  calripson on Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:21 pm

    Poland recently announced a purchase of Israeli Spike ATGM with a range of 32 km and with multi-aspect guidance. Poland will have around 3,000 Spike missiles of all generations after this purchase. Ukraine has been supplied with Javelin missiles from the US. Technology of remote sensors/UAVs, coupled with 32 km range missiles are a deadly combination for any massed armored formations on the modern battlefield. So, my question is how to most effectively defend against these threats? How effective would SHORAD be in an intense ECM environment and how quickly would their missiles be depleted? What is the ratio of air defense assets to armored vehicles in a modern Russian tank or motorized rifle brigade and is it sufficient? How effective would vehicle APS be against long range high velocity top attack munitions? Are there other outside the box ideas to counter this threat?

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    How to Defend Armored Vehicles Against Modern ATGM? Empty Re: How to Defend Armored Vehicles Against Modern ATGM?

    Post  GarryB on Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:35 am

    Most of the time cloud will make such weapons ineffective if they are optically or IR guided...

    Don't know about the 32km range Spike but the shorter range models are very slow... like Javelin...

    Early model Igla without proximity fuse has about a 50% kill rate in tests with slow moving AT-3 target missiles... which are similar speed and slightly smaller than Javelin or Spike missiles... When fitted with proximity fuses the kill rate went up to over 90% because they no longer had to make direct contact to set off the MANPADS warhead so a 5cm miss will still destroy the target.

    APS systems should be able to engage such threats and basic camouflage and decoys should be useful too...

    Poland could have 1,000 F-22s, it wouldn't make any difference... Russia has no reason to invade... any military interaction will be Russian nukes destroying US forces and US bases in Poland and likely the major cities too just to eliminate a threat.

    Russian SHORAD expects intense ECM... they have optical backup for most of there SAMs and guns...

    32km range ATGMs with drones are a potent threat... just like Russian 100km range ATGMs and drones will be to HATO.

    How many working tanks does HATO even have?

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