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    Genocide by Finnish occupants in the Karelia-Finnish SSR


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    Genocide by Finnish occupants in the Karelia-Finnish SSR Empty Genocide by Finnish occupants in the Karelia-Finnish SSR

    Post  kvs on Tue Apr 28, 2020 7:00 pm

    During WWII Nazi-allied Finland established 14 concentration camps to hold Russian civilians on land it
    occupied with Nazi assistance. These camps had extremely bad conditions not conducive to survival
    of the internees.

    Thousands of civilians died in these camps. Between 1941 and 1944 the camps held over 24,000 people.
    From this number there were 8,000 civilians deaths including 2,000 children. And in addition to the
    civilian deaths there were 7,000 POWs who perished. The dead were either buried alive, killed in
    gas chambers or shot. Today there are 2,000 survivors still alive from these camps who can act as

    At the end of the war the USSR turned a blind eye to these acts of genocide much like Tito's Yugoslavia
    ignored the crimes of Albanians in Kosovo during WWII in the name of political expediency. Thanks to this,
    these events are basically unknown today even by most Russians (an ex-Soviet citizens like myself).
    However, these war crimes have now been subjected to a criminal investigation. This investigation has
    roused howls of self-righteous indignation in Finland about how the camps were necessary to stop
    potential Russian partisan activity and supposedly were warm and fuzzy and never intended for
    mass murder. This reactions summarizes the whole of the modern nazionalist eastern fringe of the
    EU where Nazis pose as victims and deny real war crimes.

    The living witnesses contradict this rosy revisionism by Finish "virgin-innocents".

    Odin of Ossetia
    Odin of Ossetia

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    Genocide by Finnish occupants in the Karelia-Finnish SSR Empty Re: Genocide by Finnish occupants in the Karelia-Finnish SSR

    Post  Odin of Ossetia on Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:22 pm

    The numbers of the dead you have provided are seriously incomplete.

    According to my sources at least over 14 000 ethnic Russians perished in the Finnish concentration camps, and these were predominantly women and children as majority of the men were held in separate POW camps.

    You can read for yourself here (the sources are also given):

    There were also ethnic Russian civilians who were murdered by the Finns in massacres that took place outside of these concentration camps.

    A number of the Soviet prisoners-of-war also perished in the Finnish custody outside of the POW camps.

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