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    Αnti-drone warfare


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    Post  magnumcromagnon on Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:27 pm

    It should be noted that ECM in all likelihood would sever/break lines of communication and targeting, with all PGM's barring ones with back up inertial guidance. PGM's with inertial guidance aren't completely immune from ECM, Maser's such as Krashukya-4 would fry the circuitry of PGM's with a direct beam of microwaves, and this is taken even further with Peresvet a nuclear pump laser, which combines both DEW and ECM, it's a Laser and a Maser rolled in to one.

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    Post  kvs on Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:17 pm

    magnumcromagnon wrote:
    kvs wrote:

    Yeah, Russians are too dumb to handle such yanqui brilliance.   Who invented MLRS, dipwads?  So now you
    capitalist puritans are all about Leninist quantity has a quality all its own, eh.  To an informed observer,
    this looks a lot like clutching at the straws of desperation.  You know, Russia is the world leader in EW.

    You forgot to add the Soviet/Russian navy pioneered swarm missile tactics for at least 50 years now. A multitude of Soviet era and contemporary Russian Ashm's have 'wolf-pack' swarming algorithms built in to their software.

    Thanks for pointing this out. If they thought of such attacks, then by definition they thought about how defend against such attacks.
    As usual, the yanquis are a day late and a dollar short while chest thumping about their exceptionalist superiority.

    Stupid chimps: Hubris is followed by Nemesis.


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    Post  thegopnik on Sat Sep 28, 2019 6:18 pm

    “Medium and large electromagnetic weapons made by Automatica Concern are dubbed "Ram" and "Peregrine Falcon". The latter is the most powerful and is designed to fight all types of drones, ranging from a small reconnaissance machine to those armed with bombs or missiles.
    Peregrine Falcon detects UAVs via multi-channel tracking systems in the infrared, visual, radio and radar spectrum at distances of up to 100 km. Peregrine Falcon will detect it, follow it on the radar and "turn it off". However, if this drone carries a weapon and cannot be overcome with the electromagnetic spectrum, the "Peregrine Falcon" will send their coordinates to air defense systems such as Pantsir-S1 which will then fire a 30 mm caliber bullet.
    Stationary medium range anti-jamming electromagnetic rifles are referred to as "Ram" and are very effective against large-scale UAV attacks from various directions. When a drone is detected, it immediately "builds up" a very strong electromagnetic field around a base that is capable of disabling a drone. Although it has many frequencies, electromagnetic wave radiation is completely harmless to people under the dome.”

    Does anyone have more reports about these EW weapons? The Russians also have systems like the repellent-1 to dispose of drones. All the action going on right now is in Damascus I am sure that most of Russia's EW systems are located at Latakia near their s-400. Saudi Arabia should invest EW systems.


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    Αnti-drone warfare - Page 2 Empty Medium and large electromagnetic weapons

    Post  Cyberspec on Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:27 am

    thegopnik wrote:

    Does anyone have more reports about these EW weapons?

    These sound like EMP type systems. Most of the stuff is classified and there isn't much public info on them...I couldn't find anything on the "Peregrine Falcon" and "Ram"

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    Post  George1 on Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:47 pm

    Research Institute "Vector" on UAV counteraction systems

    Our blog has already published an interview with the director general of the Research Institute "Vector" (part of the Holding "Roselectronics") Sergei Skorykh. We also managed to visit the enterprise itself and get acquainted with the Sickle product, designed for radio suppression of small UAVs.

    Sickle system.
    Suppresses communication channels, control and satellite navigation system UAV (s) bmpd
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    Post  George1 on Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:06 am

    Some promising Russian means of fighting unmanned aerial vehicles

    As the Vector Scientific Research Institute JSC (part of the Vega Concern of the Ruselectronika Holding) reports in its press release, the enterprise took part in the VII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference Russian Technologies of Anti-Terrorism Protection, Security and Defense, which is held in Kaluga potentially dangerous objects. "

    At the venue of the event, the Scientific Research Institute “Vector” presents the key developments of the enterprise in the field of monitoring the environment of critical objects in order to identify unauthorized UAVs and counteract them - passive coherent location complex (PCL), Cheremukha control channel detection module and small UAV radio-electronic suppression module “ Sickle".

    Αnti-drone warfare - Page 2 Antenna
    Passive coherent location complex (PCL) (c) JSC Research Institute "Vector"

    PKL provides the location and tracking of UAVs in a guarded zone, and also controls the drone's movement path when it is suppressed. At the same time, the product uses third-party sources of radio signals to illuminate the targets and is a passive system that does not emit unmasking signals.

    The “Bird cherry” module provides the ability to detect, direction finding and positioning both the drone itself and its control panel, while having the ability to simultaneously operate on several UAVs.

    Αnti-drone warfare - Page 2 117
    Module "Bird cherry" (c) JSC Research Institute "Vector"

       The “Sickle” electronic suppression module provides suppression of small UAVs in the angle sector ± 45º and at a distance of up to 20 km, providing continuous frequency overlap in the range from 400 to 6200 MG currently used for UAV control, as well as all frequencies of global navigation satellite systems. The module creates interference, aimed in frequency and direction, upon command from detection and radio monitoring equipment. The counteraction system can include an arbitrary number of suppression modules, thereby solving the tasks of protecting against UAV flying from several directions at the same time, and protecting extended and area objects.

    Αnti-drone warfare - Page 2 215
    Radio-electronic suppression module "Sickle" (c) JSC Research Institute "Vector"

       “All the described modules can be combined into a single complex that solves the problem of protection against UAVs. A specific solution - the choice of modification, the determination of the required number of modules, their distribution over the territory of the protected facility, the allocation of each module of its area of ​​responsibility - is carried out at the stage of project development according to customer requirements, taking into account the configuration of the facility and the threat model. At the same time, the undoubted advantages of our system are the ability to ensure stealth of use, detection of stealth objects, the absence of interference with other radio engineering devices, and the need to obtain permission to use radio frequency channels, ”said Sergey Skorykh, Director General of Research Institute Vektor.

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