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    Post  GarryB on Wed Jul 22, 2020 11:06 am

    just a note GarryB: Vlad fell victim to the propaganda. He parroted whatever the west said about Russias economy and actually thought GDP Nominal matters and PPP doesn't even though Russia doesnt use USD in Russia.

    When the world economy is western dominated and important features are directly controlled by western power, then talking about the Russian economy is complicated... if the US had the reserves and fiscal discipline that Russia has it would have an  AAA+++ rating.

    I think most economics stuff at an international level is bollocks anyway...

    So parading blood libel on this forum and expecting to be treated with respect is asking way too much.

    Sometimes feelings and beliefs become polarising... criticising a Russian Patriot who served in the elite part of the VDV because his view of the financial situation in Russia is different from your view is certainly not something I agree with at all, and I strongly suggest we drop the subject.

    Differring views are fine but there are lines that wont be crossed.

    The west will claim to be against all sorts of evil... communism, nazim, racism, terrorism, but they are happy to get in to bed with anyone if it suits their current needs and interests... and in that regard I think they are the worst of them all, but I am not going to ban people who don't agree with me, and I also wont tolerate abuse for not agreeing with this or that view.

    I am going to lock this thread for a a couple of days... to prevent bans...

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