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    Read: RDF Rules and Regulations


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    Read: RDF Rules and Regulations Empty Read: RDF Rules and Regulations

    Post  Admin Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:39 am

    RDF Rules and Regulations

    Mods have final say.

    If you have a problem then we can discuss via PM... but Mods have final say.

    This is our forum, Mods will not censor or demand everyone conform to any idea or belief, but we do need to enforce the rules to keep order and manners.

    The current rules are:

    1] No pornography. Zero tolerance.

    2] No spamming or trolling. At the Mods discretion. If told to change behaviour by a mod then comply.

    3] Do not write in all caps. Pretty standard shouting.

    4] Do not use excessive smilies. No smilies for every line and a page of them at the end.

    5] Do not advertise other forums or Blogs or Vlogs (that includes linking to them)

    6] Do not post others work without citing it (English sources online must be linked)
        Wiki or debka or strategy page are handy references but is not reliably accurate. link to sources in those files and don't rely on those pages as evidence.

    7] Do not disrespect members, do not attack the messenger, attack the message

    8] Do not disrespect RDF staff or the forum itself.

    9] You cannot use URL for avatars so upload it from your computer (It will resize)

    10] When you are warned by staff you better stop doing it.  Repeated abuses will lead to IP ban.
         Instructions to do something or stop doing something that are ignored are grounds for bans from 1 day to permanent bans depending on the situation.

    11] This is an English language forum so do not post in any language without an English translation or summary, that includes Russian.
         Posting the original in a different language is only for those who can read it to confirm the translation.
         There are online translation pages that can be used like Yandex and Google, but the rule about links applies.
         A summary of the photo or video or article the link directs you to is mandatory or the link and post may be deleted as spam.

    12]  New Members, please Introduce yourself in the Members Rules and Introductions section so we know who we are talking to.
          In the introductions section create your own new thread and tell as much or as little about yourself as you please.
          Take the time to look through the other  introductions so you know who you are talking to and get a feel for what is expected.
          Does not need to be your life story and is not a discussion thread, so just introductions and welcomes from other members to you.
          Any chats or discussions can go in other sections.

    13] Do not misuse the quote feature.  Do not quote an entire post just to reply to one or two specific comments.
          This means do not quote more than two people in your quote box and also do not requote an entire article unless it is brief.  
           Here is a tutorial created regarding quoting   Quoting if you still don't get it then PM

    14] Stay on topic

    15] When posting videos or pictures there sections of the forum for multimedia for general videos and pictures, though for instance a thread on Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopters would be a sensible place to post an image of such an attack helicopter it would not be a sensible place to post a photo of a horse.

    16] Posting a link in any thread with no description and the post is likely to be deleted without warning by mods. If you wish to post material that some might find objectionable, or it is a twitter feed or something you can't quote or post into a thread the put a description and if it is potentially objectionable then a warning so that people who don't want to see that sort of thing wont mistakenly click on the link. Even with news threads a description is needed.

    Any objectionable material cannot be posted as an image or video and must be posted as a link with a description AND a warning.

    Porn will be deleted even with descriptions and warnings.... see rule one.

    Objectionable material includes video and photos with portions blurred and bad language beeped out, you can post it where relevant, but it needs descriptions and warnings that it is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

    Photos or Videos or links put in the wrong thread will be moved to more suitable threads, which can include the Talking Bollocks thread in General Chat section.

    If you are not sure, then PM a Moderator and ask.
    If someone offends or abuses you, do not retaliate or abuse them back because when a Mod gets involved they will look at what happened and if they see you abused each other, or one or both deleted posts then you might find both of you get a short break from this forum.

    This isn't school, there will be no tolerance for bullying.

    soldieroffortune wrote:

    Out of curiosity, as a Russian officer, - do you approve the idea of each serviceman buying his/her uniform for 20,000 rubles instead of the uniforms being issued by the Army as in the old days?  I wonder how is it possible - one trench coat by Yudashkin costs 12,000?

    I don't know what you are quoting, but it sure wasn't from that narod page you posted.  Care to show where you got that from?

    I also hope that your running this forum is not against the rules and regulations of the Russian Army and you won't get yourself into trouble.  I recall that in the old days if a serviceman wanted to publish an article or a book he had to ask his authorities for permission.

    FYI, Vladimir isn't in the military anymore.  Look at his profile.

    This will be updated as needed.   Edit 1: update 13th September 2020

    Note the Admin account is no longer fully active so all PMs need to be sent to either Me, GarryB, or George1.

    Also be aware that while I do read the vast majority of posts I live on the other side of the planet and you don't pay enough money to be on this forum to cover my full income 24/7 so if someone posts something that obviously breaks the rules and it bothers you please feel free to send me a PM and make me aware of the situation, but don't expect instant action on this.

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