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    Read: RDF Rules and Regulations


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    Read: RDF Rules and Regulations Empty Read: RDF Rules and Regulations

    Post  Vladimir79 on Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:39 am

    RDF Rules and Regulations

    1] No pornography
    2] No spamming or trolling
    3] Do not write in all caps
    4] Do not use excessive smilies
    5] Do not advertise other forums (that includes linking to them)
    6] Do not post others work without citing it (English sources online must be linked)
    7] Do not disrespect members, do not attack the messenger, attack the message
    8] Do not disrespect RDF staff or the forum itself.
    9] You cannot use URL for avatars so upload it from your computer (It will resize)
    10] When you are warned by staff you better stop doing it.  Repeated abuses will lead to IP ban.
    11] Do not post outside sources in other languages without English translation.
    12} Introduce youself so we know who we are talking to.
    13] Do not misuse the quote feature.  This means do not quote more than two people in your quote box and also do not requote an entire article unless it is brief.  The proper quoting style can be seen here.
    14] Do note quote wiki, debka or strategy page, find a better source
    15] No links in the signature are allowed.
    16] Stay on topic

    soldieroffortune wrote:

    Out of curiosity, as a Russian officer, - do you approve the idea of each serviceman buying his/her uniform for 20,000 rubles instead of the uniforms being issued by the Army as in the old days?  I wonder how is it possible - one trench coat by Yudashkin costs 12,000?

    I don't know what you are quoting, but it sure wasn't from that narod page you posted.  Care to show where you got that from?

    I also hope that your running this forum is not against the rules and regulations of the Russian Army and you won't get yourself into trouble.  I recall that in the old days if a serviceman wanted to publish an article or a book he had to ask his authorities for permission.

    FYI, Vladimir isn't in the military anymore.  Look at his profile.

    This will be updated as needed

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