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    Post  DerWolf on Sat Dec 14, 2019 11:09 pm

    Never heared of these missiles. What are they?

    The development of a prospective high-precision Monolit guided missile for Russia’s Aerospace Forces is nearing its final stages and is ready for tests, a top defense industry official revealed.
    “The work is ongoing. It’s too early to provide any details. It’s a classified project. I’ll only say that we are ready to move to the stage of state testing,” Vladimir Lepin, the head of Techmash munitions developer, told Tass.

    The state tests would determine if the missile complies with its design characteristics and is fit for serial production.

    Lepin first spoke of Monolit in October 2018, revealing that the missile will be launched from warplanes and attack helicopters.

    It’s considered a more advanced version of the Broneboyshik (armor-piercer) air-launched unguided missile that has been already tested and is expected to be deployed in the Russian army next year. But unlike its older sibling, Monolit is a guided missile and has bigger caliber (122 millimeters instead of 80mm) and longer range.

    The footage of live fire exercises, involving the Broneboyshik missile, first published this summer.

    This projectile can affect the target in various ways due to its capability of exploding in front of an obstacle at the moment of contact with it or after breaking through the obstacle. Broneboyshik will boost the arsenals of Su-25 jets and Mi-8 helicopters.


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    Post  Isos on Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:18 am

    Sounds like a guided rocket.

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    Post  GarryB on Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:24 am

    Nice, so the 80mm guided rocket will enter service next year... presumably from those box shaped launch pods that can be fitted to aircraft (manned and unmanned) but could also be fitted to ships and land vehicles manned and unmanned...

    And they are clearly making a larger 122mm version... that is nice.

    Traditionally they had a range of unguided rockets, from rockets in pods like the S-57 with 57mm rockets from 16 shot and 32 shot pods, through 80mm rockets in 7 and 20 shot pods, as well as heavy rockets of the S-13 type with 122mm rockets which came in a standard 5 shot pod for aircraft.

    They also had single rockets without pods called the S-25 which is a single 250mm rocket, which was later replaced by 266mm single tube rockets for rather large heavy rockets.

    The 57mm pods were phased out because the warheads were rather light... less than 1kg of HE each and were deemed to not be very effective against better protected targets.

    The 80mm remain popular as a standard rocket for use against area ground targets like a group of trucks or enemy troops in the open.

    The 122mm rockets were developed to penetrate bunkers and buildings and hardened aircraft shelters and explode inside to do max damage.

    The 266mm rockets pack 100kg and 125kg warheads and already have laser homing versions called S-25L.

    These new designs seem to fill the gap with guided 80mm and 122mm rockets which can be quite powerful.

    The improved accuracy with guidance as long as it is not too expensive should be massively important... you might launch 15-20 or more rockets to take out a group of vehicles at 2km range... with guided rockets you should be able to loft launch them from even greater and safer distances with a one shot one hit success rate against soft targets... meaning instead of 2 or three targets with a 20 shot rocket pod you could probably take on 12-15 targets per pod...

    And with the 122mm rockets you could probably take out IFVs and even tanks as these rockets generally have double payloads weighing 20-30kgs... quite a potent payload...

    By giving them accuracy and better stand off range you make the aircraft more efficient and much safer.

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