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    Russian Nuclear Weapons: Question Thread


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    Russian Nuclear Weapons: Question Thread - Page 3 Empty Re: Russian Nuclear Weapons: Question Thread

    Post  Big_Gazza on Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:08 am

    Militarov wrote:Nitric acid and nitrogen tetroxide was the mix you are refering to as a red fume. We still have some of it undisposed here, remnants of Dvinas.

    Ahh...  now your past experiences make sense...   Very Happy   you are talking about tactical missiles.  Yes, many older Soviet tactical missiles were powered with non-storable hypergolics, eg Kh-22 use IRFNA and Tonka/R-Stoff, while Scuds use kerosene and IRFNA with UDMH as an igniter.  These needed to be fuelled prior to launch because the nitric tends to eat its containers.....

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