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    Small Arms Ammunition production in Russia


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    Small Arms Ammunition production in Russia - Page 2 Empty Re: Small Arms Ammunition production in Russia

    Post  lyle6 Fri Jan 14, 2022 6:53 pm

    GarryB wrote:
    Hard body armour for any soldier is about the size of a dinner plate and covers the front centre of the chest.... sides and rear and every other part of your body would be vulnerable to this round even assuming the ceramic plate could stop it.
    Exactly. Face, neck, shoulders are all still going to be exposed. Lying prone the plates do nothing at all. If you get tagged by a mere 5.45 its not something you can shrug off either; the round has much better wounding characteristics against soft flesh than 7.62. You might not die on the spot but you're down for the count. And something tells me that medevac might not be forthcoming in the case of an actual shooting war with a near peer opponent so you might as well be dead.

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