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    Russian Agriculture News


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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  sepheronx Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:24 am

    Germany and I think USA now exceeds Russia in heavy alcohol use.

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  flamming_python Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:49 am

    Them and Britain, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, and hell maybe Korea by now

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  lancelot Fri Nov 25, 2022 3:14 am

    Given Russia's climate expecting wine to play a major role is kind of over optimistic. But beer will do fine I think.

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  Hole Fri Nov 25, 2022 11:50 am

    The Black Sea climate is great for wine. And the russian segment of the coastline will propably grow in the next months.  Very Happy

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  Kiko Fri Nov 25, 2022 7:34 pm

    Roskachestvo named the best red and white wines of Russia, 11.25.2022.

    The head of Roskachestvo Protasov summed up the results of the fifth "Wine Guide of Russia" and named the best wines.

    MOSCOW, November 25 - RIA Novosti. The head of Roskachestvo, Maxim Protasov, within the framework of the 1st Russian Wine Forum, summed up the results of the fifth "Wine Guide of Russia" and named the leaders in the segment of red and white wines.

    "Wine Guide of Russia" is an annual project that Roskachestvo implements jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of the Russian Agricultural Bank . This year, the organization's specialists studied 500 samples of wines made exclusively from Russian grapes. They were purchased at retail, the price of a bottle was up to 1000 rubles. The main emphasis was placed on the category up to 600 rubles per 0.75 liters.

    The experts came to the conclusion that the best dry red wines in the inexpensive segment are made by winemakers of the Krasnodar Territory , semi-dry ones are best obtained on the Don , and the birthplace of semi-sweet reds is Crimea. In addition, buyers purchased the leader of the rating of dry wines for 425 rubles, the top ten red wines also included samples worth 399 rubles. Among the semi-sweet wines, the best sample cost 379 rubles. The leader of the "price - quality" ratio was the Cabernet from "Chateau Taman", bought for 279 rubles and received an assessment of 81 points.

    At the same time, from the point of view of the regional representation of wines in the category of white wines, winemakers from the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea competed almost on equal terms in terms of quality. It is also worth noting certain successes achieved in the production of semi-sweet wines by the specialists of the Don Valley, emphasized in Roskachestvo. The top ten also included wine "Chateau Tamagne Sauvignon" for 240.21 rubles. It also became the leader in terms of price-quality ratio.

    “Over the five years of research by the Wine Guide of Russia, we have recorded a steady increase in the quality of domestic wine products. With a decrease in imports and an increase in demand, the quality of wine has not decreased, but, on the contrary, continues to grow, contributing to the formation of a culture of consumption in the country. An important result over a five-year period is a decrease in the share of wines with pronounced technological defects from 5.37 percent to 0.2 percent. We also note increased competition between producers in terms of quality," Protasov said.

    According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture Andrei Razin, thanks to the growth of investments and the expansion of state support in recent years, it has been possible to increase the area of ​​​​vineyards and, accordingly, yields. He noted that today Russian wines are appreciated at various international competitions. At the same time, comprehensive measures of support from the authorities are needed for further development, Razin emphasized. He clarified that next year the financing of the profile federal project will increase by almost one and a half times and will amount to 3.5 billion rubles. By 2030, this figure will grow to 26.4 billion rubles, he summed up.

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  sepheronx Tue Nov 29, 2022 5:14 am

    Almost 80 thousand hectares of agricultural land were put into circulation in Russia in 2022

    The implementation of the state program for the involvement of unused agricultural land, which began in 2022, allowed this year to return 79 thousand hectares in 62 regions.

    Including 15 thousand hectares of land returned to circulation are intended for growing export-oriented products ( grain and oilseeds ).

    In addition, 35 thousand hectares were prevented in 7 regions for natural reasons. « For this, 15 reclamation facilities were built and commissioned. Until the end of the year, we will complete the commissioning of five more objects, due to which we will retain almost 8 thousand more hectares of land, — was reported in the Government of Russia. — More than 209 thousand. ha agricultural land was protected from flooding by clearing land reclamation channels ».

    These are those activities on which further growth in production volumes and the expansion of export supplies of agricultural products directly depend. In total, due to the results of the year, about 400 thousand hectares of land will be saved or returned to circulation due to land reclamation measures. This will increase agricultural production by at least 2 million tons already in 2023.

    As part of the measures to return abandoned lands to circulation, more than 15 thousand hectares were returned, which were received by peasant farms in 9 regions. Land plots with a total area of about 81 thousand hectares in 22 regions have been formed and are ready for further provision to farmers.

    Speaking about the regulatory framework of this sphere, it is worth noting that this year several regulatory gaps were excluded in the legislation on land use. In particular, starting January 1, 2023, peasant farms will be able to receive land from agricultural land for rent without bidding for up to 5 years.

    Another solution is to create a digital register of agricultural land. The law has already entered into force.

    In addition, by the end of the year, the State Duma plans to adopt two bills, one of which allows solving the problem of returning unclaimed land shares ( the so-called lands « silent » shareholds ).

    « This problem has been around for over 20 years and it has begun since the reform of collective farms. According to the bill, unclaimed land shares will finally be legally leased, and from January 1, 2025 they will be recognized as municipal property. This decision will return more than 11 million hectares of land to agricultural production », — specified in the Government.

    As part of the implementation of the Program, land maps of 6 regions have been created: Tatarstan, Mordovia, Udmurtia, Belgorod, Moscow, Kaliningrad regions. « As a result, complete information with border contours was obtained with respect to 12 million hectares of agricultural land. This work revealed the lack of information about 2 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the Unified State Register of Real Estate. Next year, it is planned to create digital maps on the territory of at least 13 entities in relation to 39 million hectares of land.


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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

    Post  Scorpius Wed Nov 30, 2022 9:44 pm

    In total, on November 29, 2022, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, 155 500 thousand tons of cereals and legumes were harvested, including: 105 200 thousand tons of wheat, 24 500 thousand tons of barley, 10 200 thousand tons of corn for grain.

    As of November 29, the grain harvest was harvested from 97% of the area, 155.5 million tons were harvested. Corn and sunflower harvesting continues in some regions of Central Russia and the Volga region.
    As of November 24, 155 million tons of grain (in bunker weight) were collected. On the same date last year, 125.5 million were collected. Grain and leguminous crops were threshed from 45.8 million hectares (from 45.3 million hectares last year), the yield was 33.8 c/ha (27.7 c/ha).
    Wheat was harvested from 29.2 million hectares (27.8 million hectares) with a yield of 36 kg/ha (28.2 kg/ha), 105.2 million tons were harvested (78.6 last year).
    Barley was threshed from 7.9 million hectares (7.9 million hectares), 24.5 million tons (18.9 million tons) were harvested with a yield of 30.9 c/ha (24 c/ha).
    Corn for grain was harvested from 1.7 million hectares (2.7 million hectares), 10.2 million tons (15.2 million tons) were harvested, the yield was 59.3 c/ha (in 2021 - 55.2 c/ha).
    The area of rice harvesting decreased to 165.9 thousand hectares from 184.5 thousand hectares last year, 934.2 thousand tons (1.2 million tons) were harvested with a yield of 56.3 c/ha (63.7 c/ha).
    Sunflower was harvested from 7.3 million hectares (9.6 million hectares), 13.3 million tons (15.4 million tons) were harvested with a yield of 18.1 c/ha (16.1 c/ha).
    6 million tons of soybeans were harvested – almost a quarter more than last year's level.

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    Russian Agriculture News - Page 25 Empty Re: Russian Agriculture News

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