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    Intercepting Iskander


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    Post  GarryB Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:03 am

    Agree with u the PAC launcher angle is a flaw , but keeping 3 or 4 launchers in different angles could solve this issue , it's better also to use Pansir in a group for more system protection .

    From a satellite or drone you can see which direction missiles and radar are pointing... in the case of Saudi Arabia if they are all pointing to Yemen or to Iran then obviously the long range of cruise missiles is often used to have them fly around defended air space to attack from a blind direction.

    To point Patriot missile launchers and radars in different directions to get 360 degree coverage means if an attack does come from one direction then it can be sure that 2/3rds of the missiles that are ready to fire are not pointed in a direction to intercept them. In the case of Saudi Arabia attack none of the radar or missiles were pointed in the right direction so they all got through.

    AFAIK US did not have Patriot deployed at the Ain al-Asad air base in Iraq.

    Because it is an expensive and specialised system they can't afford to deploy everywhere. Looking at the videos of the attack I would say BUK could have dealt with those ballistic missiles but the US doesn't have anything like BUK.

    Here i found more data , yes i guess all intercepts had failed

    The statistics I read suggested that an average of 32 PAC-2 Patriots were fired at each Scud, with many of the Patriots exploding and their warheads shredding the body and rear of the falling Scud missiles, but as I said by that stage they are falling bombs with the rear bodies being inert and not important. Sometimes the impacts changed the trajectory of the Scuds, but that could just as easily make things worse because the Scuds were not precision aimed and could probably land anywhere... shifting the trajectory of a random hit just makes it more random.

    US can have 1 or 2 patriot here and there but at the end even if they intercept one or two missile that won't change anything. Those missiles, contrary to Scud, have a precision of less than 10m with warheads of 600kg+.

    Often chem or nuclear warheads to attack things like airfields and render them not usable till Soviet troops overran them so non persistent chem warheads were favoured...

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