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    Israeli Airstrikes in Syria


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    Israeli Airstrikes in Syria - Page 5 Empty Re: Israeli Airstrikes in Syria

    Post  nomadski Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:00 am

    Iran may not need to put Boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq anymore. Since local forces are mostly trained and capable of fighting the Rats. Iran has a direct land route and air route for trade with Syria and Lebanon. This route is also of benefit to Iraq and Syria, for trade. Iran can do normal trade and Arms trade with both countries.

    The policy of Iran can be a forward looking and progressive and practical long term one. Instead of establishing military bases, allowing national and local forces to defend their own interests. This policy becomes a more practical approach, as stability returns.

    The powers that will be more in difficult position, are those that occupy land , keep these nations in subservient and dependent state, and try to block or push others out to gain monopoly position.

    None of the occupation forces in Syria, prioritise Syrian national interests, over their own. But it takes a really wise man to see the road ahead. I think the best deal for Syrians is freedom and independence. Including ability to defend themselves. Not just be target of attacks.

    Even Russia wanted to scale back involvement in Syria, after the Rats were largely beaten back. But unfortunately other problems like Turkey and American involvement stopped that.

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    Israeli Airstrikes in Syria - Page 5 Empty Re: Israeli Airstrikes in Syria

    Post  ahmedfire Sun Nov 22, 2020 8:32 pm

    They can put a blanket ban on air traffic (west of the Euphrates), station Russians with Syrians etc, those type measures would nullify the israeli plans.

    And if the Israelis came again ,the Russians would have to down then and again it's a war .

    Israel strategy is to eliminate the danger while being prepared ,not to wait it till being a powerful danger .

    The Russians are saving the Syrian govt and people but if it wants to get the hell out of this very expensive war, it needs Syria and all aspects of the saa to be functional and of strength.

    The Syrians have no money for such plans to rebuild SAA .

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