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    1999 F-117A shootdown in Yugoslavia


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    1999 F-117A shootdown in Yugoslavia - Page 2 Empty Re: 1999 F-117A shootdown in Yugoslavia

    Post  GarryB Sun Mar 14, 2021 10:43 am

    The side windows are not armoured and are not very thick for good visibility... the forward facing wind screens are armoured and should stop HMG and light cannon HE rounds.

    The side panel armour of the Apache is not amazing and relies on mounting avionics around the outside as a sort of outer layer of protection using layers to protect the crew.

    The side canopy panels are weak and killing the crew is the most efficient way to bring down the aircraft, but most of the rest is vulnerable to light cannon fire too.

    It is designed to fight at night from standoff ranges away from enemy small arms fire.

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    1999 F-117A shootdown in Yugoslavia - Page 2 Empty Re: 1999 F-117A shootdown in Yugoslavia

    Post  nemrod Sun Mar 14, 2021 12:44 pm

    GarryB wrote:
    ...the rest is vulnerable to light cannon fire too.
    What did U mean by 'light cannon fire' ? <37 mm ?

    I can certify if an AH-64 has the 'chance' to meet a simple 2А38M, the Apache -with its pilot- will be transformed into a firework.
    Against the 23 mm I don't know but above 25 mm I doubt...Moreover, Russia and China are now testing a new generation of guns without powder dubbed Railgun -I think, U must be aware-. The bullet can be launched at more than 3 km/seconde -they can reach 5, 6 km/s -, against 1 km/seconde maximum with powder -let's forget tank's gun like the T-62 that can reach 1.8 km/s-. U do know the kinetic energy law, Ec =1/2 m*V². If Russia succeeds, and I think they are not far, it will be a revolution, even 14 mm will be enough to close the sky for any aircraft.
    I registered in this forum around 2012, since this date there has been a total upset in the world. The world of the early 2010s has nothing to see with this actual world. Russia from a country in crisis, unable to sustain even a simple conflict,  now emerged as a strong world power able to destroy any enemy in the world, without using nuclear power.  Russia is at the age of hypersonic and quantum technologies.

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