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    Royal Air Force (RAF): News


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    Post  GarryB Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:11 am

    If they weren't increasing numbers of Trident missiles they could probably afford to pay NHS workers 15% more, and could probably afford more aircraft and more importantly more ships to support the aircraft carriers they have paid for...

    Their ships give them a global presence that land based F-35s can never give them...

    Those Typhoons they bought early and are retiring early because they are not full standard designs... did they get them cheap... being not fully functional aircraft?

    I would suggest if that was sold to an American consumer they would want to be able to return such incomplete aircraft and have them replaced with fully capable complete current model... because that is what they paid for.

    Harriers would get the job done and cost a fraction that the F-35 will cost to operate.

    The radar the Sea Harriers had was rather good, though probably not as good as the new one fitted to the F-35 but it probably worked properly.

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    Royal Air Force (RAF): News - Page 4 Empty Re: Royal Air Force (RAF): News

    Post  George1 Fri Apr 23, 2021 11:05 am

    UK has entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the US Department of Defense to purchase 14 Boeing CH-47F Chinook transport helicopters for the British Air Force.

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    Royal Air Force (RAF): News - Page 4 Empty F-35B jets to join the fight against Daesh from the Carrier Strike Group

    Post  Finty Tue May 04, 2021 6:58 pm

    Belongs in either this or the Royal Navy thread...

    Gov wrote:UK F-35B fighter jets operating from HMS Queen Elizabeth will join Operation Shader in the fight against Daesh.

    F-35B Lightning fast jets will be the cutting edge of the Carrier Strike Group’s (CSG21) formidable power in the air.

    These are next generation multi-role combat aircraft equipped with advanced sensors, mission systems and stealth technology, enabling them to carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

    This will be the first time UK fighter aircraft are embarked on an operational aircraft carrier deployment since 2010, and will be the largest number of F-35Bs ever to sail the seas.

    The renowned 617 Squadron RAF (‘The Dambusters’) will operate the jets to provide tangible and impactful support to counter-Daesh operations in Iraq and Syria.

    Rest here:

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    Royal Air Force (RAF): News - Page 4 Empty Re: Royal Air Force (RAF): News

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