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    Post  limb Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:39 am

    lyle6 wrote:
    limb wrote:
    On  r/warcollege someone said unironically that the only reason russia has CIWS is to make its sailors feel "brave and strong" lol1 This is how entrenched prejudice against russians is engrained in military discourse.

    Russia's not the one with the navy constantly getting trashed by cargo ships. Just saying. Oh and opinions of redditors should be discarded as a general rule.
    Well tbf, r/warcollege is on a much higher level of discussion than /k/ or r/credible defence, where it is pure neocon propaganda 24/7.

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    Post  limb Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:07 am

    One retarded biased impression westerners have of russian submarines is the alleged reason they have more torpedo tubes than american subs. Their assessment is that Russians are suicidal brutish maniacs who view their nuclear attack subs as expendable and just have more torpedo tubes to have as much burst firepower against carrier battlegroups before theyre detected and destroyed, because the assumption is that soviet subs can't hide because theyre too noisy. Its totally not because having more ready to fire torpedos gives an advantage in dealing with multiple opponents and overwhelming countermeasures Rolling Eyes .

    The other stupid analysis I read is that the soviets designed the VA-111 shkval only to be a suicide nuclear weapon that would just be brutishly fired unguided against carriers, inevitable destroying the soviet sub too.

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    Post  magnumcromagnon Thu Mar 11, 2021 5:07 pm

    Naval Weapon Systems & Technology - Page 17 Transl10

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    Post  George1 Tue Mar 23, 2021 6:34 am

    130-mm shipborne artillery mount A-192M put into mass production

    March 22nd, 23:03
    According to the KORABEL.RU web resource on March 22, 2021 , the St. Petersburg Arsenal Machine-Building Plant JSC has successfully completed qualification tests of the 130 mm A-192M shipborne artillery mount and is launching mass production. Tests of the 130-mm shipborne artillery mount A-192M (s) JSC "Machine-building plant" Arsenal "

    Naval Weapon Systems & Technology - Page 17 88213910

    The A-192M gun mount is designed for ships with a displacement of over 2000 tons. Development work completed in 2018. The product has already been installed on the frigates "Admiral Gorshkov" and "Admiral Kasatonov", in the future it will be installed on ships of projects 22350 and 22350M and other ships of similar and larger classes.

    A feature of the gun mount is a fully automated system for feeding shots. In automatic mode, without human intervention, it is capable of delivering all 478 shots to the tower. The automatic feeding system is modular. The number of modules can be adapted for a specific ship project, depending on the size of the underdecks allocated for the placement of the gun mount.

    The enterprise has carried out all the necessary preparatory work to launch the A-192M gun mount into serial production. Technological processes and the necessary equipment have been created. To date, three A-192M gun mounts have been manufactured, contracts for the manufacture of three more products have been concluded. Several contracts are going through the stage of approval. Tests of the 130-mm shipborne artillery mount A-192M (s) JSC "Machine-building plant" Arsenal "

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    Post  George1 Thu Jun 24, 2021 7:20 pm

    Head of KTRV Obnosov: we are developing new naval weapons of Russia

    June 24th, 18:39
    The Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV) is currently one of the main players in the world maritime weapons market. KTRV manufactures almost the full range of these defense products - from anti-ship missiles to innovative anti-submarine missiles. The general director of the corporation Boris Obnosov spoke about the main directions of the development of domestic weapons in an interview with TASS during the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2021) . Boris Obnosov (c) Nikolay Novichkov / TASS

    - What are the positions of KTRV in the world market of naval weapons?

    - There are no objective data to date. In previous years, various research groups have determined the share of KTRV on naval weapons in the world in the range of 17-20%, while in 2003 this figure was 10%.

    - What can you say about the volume of export of naval weapons in the structure of the corporation's revenue and what is its dynamics compared to 2019?

    - In the structure of export deliveries, naval arms in 2019 amounted to about 9%, by the end of 2020 the figure dropped to 6%, this year, according to preliminary estimates, the maritime component of exports will again increase to 8-9%. For reasons of secrecy, the supply of weapons under the state defense order, including naval weapons, were not disclosed.

    - Is there serial production of APR-3ME anti-submarine missiles? Is the creation of new modifications of the rocket planned or the development of a new generation of this weapon?

    - Serial production of anti-submarine missiles of the APR-3ME type has been launched. The delivery of the first batch has been completed. In the future, to replace the APR-3ME, it is planned to develop a small-sized aircraft anti-submarine torpedo, significantly superior to the existing models in terms of cruising range.

    - Are you carrying out further modernization of the Bastion PBRK? Is a mine modification of this complex being developed and are there any customers for it?

    - Yes, the modernization of the export version of the mobile coastal missile complex (PBRK) "Bastion" is being carried out, and this modernization will continue in the foreseeable future. It is carried out according to the requirements of a specific customer. The issues of modernization of the complexes supplied to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are within the competence of the Ministry of Defense.

    The project of the stationary complex "Bastion" has been developed and is ready for implementation. It, like the mobile version, is distinguished by high combat survivability and efficiency with strong electronic and fire resistance, as well as full autonomy of combat use.

    Covert recessed basing and special camouflage means make it difficult for the enemy to determine the specific coordinates of the elements of the complex. Also, the advantages of the complex are the lack of guidelines for high-precision weapons and the inability to defeat small caliber ammunition.

    Customers are interested in this complex, but currently the mobile option is of greater interest. In our opinion, the stationary complex is more interesting for countries that need to protect a limited coastline. The main task of the complex can be characterized by the words "hid and protected", so we will never discuss who and where plans to use it to defend their sea borders.

    - Do you plan to equip three new ships of the Alexandrite Project with the Alexandrite-ISPUM-E anti-mine systems? Are there any further modernization of the Alexandrite ISPUM-E and the creation on its basis of new robotic unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) to combat mines?

    - Equipping new ships with the Alexandrite-ISPUM complex continues. Within the framework of work on further modernization of the Alexandrite-ISPUM complex, JSC "GNPP" Region "plans to: increase the capabilities of the under-keel hydroacoustic mine detection station to increase the detection range;

    - Do you plan to launch new Russian torpedo weapons on the international market? If so, which ones?

    - Work is underway to modernize the TE-2 and UGST torpedoes, which may be offered to foreign customers in the future. The modernization will affect mainly software and individual systems. In addition, work is underway to create ultra-small homing torpedoes for arming a wide range of carriers (small ships, unmanned boats, unmanned aerial vehicles, light helicopters). At the same time, there are ways to adapt ship launchers for the use of ultra-small torpedoes.

    - Is it planned to create new sea mines equipped, for example, with a target selection fuse or artificial intelligence algorithms?

    - At the moment, work is underway to create a universal mine complex, which provides for target selection in a wide range of parameters and processing of incoming target information using modern algorithms, including artificial intelligence algorithms.

    - Do Moskit anti-ship missiles (ASM) remain a topical example of naval weapons? Are they supposed to be further modernized?

    - The winged anti-ship missile complex "Moskit" is designed to destroy surface ships and transports from ship groups, missile boats, both displacement and air cushion, and hydrofoils in conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures.

    The main feature of the anti-ship missile system is its equipping with a ramjet engine (ramjet engine), which provides a long flight at a distance of 120 km at a maximum low altitude of 20 m with a constant supersonic speed of 2800 km / h (M = 2.3). The aerodynamic design of the rocket is distinguished by high aerodynamic perfection and compactness due to the folding of all bearing and control surfaces and the placement of the starting rocket engine in the combustion chamber of the sustainer ramjet engine. To ensure high combat effectiveness of the missile, an anti-jamming combined active-passive homing system was developed, as well as combat equipment as part of a penetrating warhead with an increased filling factor and a selectively operating explosive device.

    The effectiveness of the rocket is ensured not only by the implementation of the above technical solutions, but also by the high maneuverability of the rocket - by performing anti-aircraft maneuvers in the target area with a maximum lateral overload of up to 15G. After the launch, the rocket makes a "slide", and then descends to the cruising altitude, and when it approaches the target, it continues flying almost over the crests of the waves. It is impossible to dodge the missile; the enemy will notice it only three to four seconds before meeting the side of the ship. Due to the huge kinetic energy "Mosquito" breaks through the hull of any ship and explodes inside. Such a blow is capable of sinking not only a middle class ship, but also a cruiser.

    In the West, the Mosquito complex was named "Sunburn". In the foreign press they wrote about him: "The new deadly weapon of the Russians is a cruise missile that flies so fast that it is capable of breaking a warship in two without even exploding. The United States has nothing like that that could compare with this missile, and does not have the means protection from it. "

    State tests of the Mosquito complex as part of the armament of the project 1241.1 missile boat were successfully completed in 1983, and by the Decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 17-5 of January 4, 1984, it was adopted by the Navy. In 1985, the development of the Moskit complex was awarded the State Prize.

    On the basis of the Moskit complex for export supplies, the Moskit-E and Moskit-MVE missile systems were developed. Until now, the Moskit complex is in service, is a formidable weapon and has the ability to modernize. Proposals for modernization have been submitted to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, but they have not yet been implemented.

    - Is there a further modernization of the Shkval torpedo missile?

    - Work on high-speed submarine missiles continues.

    - Do you plan to modernize the "Package" type anti-submarine defense complex? Is it supposed to equip all large ships of the Navy with this complex as a standard anti-submarine weapon? Is it supposed to be installed on ships undergoing modernization? Is the complex capable of protecting ships from the latest torpedo weapons?

    - The modular design of the "Package" type complex allows its modernization almost continuously based on the experience gained in practical shooting. At present, all corvette and frigate class ships under construction are equipped with this complex. The issue of equipping the modernized ships of the Navy with this complex is at various stages of development.

    - Have the tests of the Kh-35UE anti-ship missile system been completed, has its aviation version been adopted? Are there any plans to further modernize the rocket?

    - The Kh-35UE missile has successfully passed the entire required volume of tests, and its serial production is underway. At present, the Kh-35UE rocket has successfully proven itself, it is operated both in our country and abroad.

    In terms of modernizing the Kh-35UE missile, the following areas are of priority: improving the tactical and technical characteristics (retrofitting with guidance systems, which are based on automated decision-making technologies based on self-learning artificial intelligence in image analysis and pattern recognition, as well as increasing the range and speed of flight) ; adaptation of the rocket to new carriers.

    - Is there a further modernization of the Kh-31A / AD anti-ship missile system? Do you plan to develop a new rocket to replace it?

    - The Kh-31A anti-ship missile has been in serial production since 1991, and has been delivered to many countries of the world. The Kh-31AD missile is a further development of the Kh-31A missile, developed on the basis of the already modernized Kh-31PD missile, which, like the Kh-31A, is mass-produced.

    The Kh-31AD missile has an increased range, is equipped with a control system based on a strapdown inertial guidance system in combination with an active radar homing head and a radio altimeter and a universal warhead. As part of the warhead, a deceleration mechanism is used, due to which its detonation occurs not on the skin of the enemy ship, but deep inside its structure.

    Currently, KTRV is carrying out R&D work on the creation of a high-speed anti-ship missile system of a new generation with an increased range and flight speed, with increased noise immunity.

    This promising model will supplement the existing nomenclature of aircraft destruction systems created by KTRV.

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    Post  thegopnik Sat Jun 26, 2021 4:39 pm

    kh-31 is already at mach 3.5 speeds with a 4.7 meter length, they should just cut down the length a little bit, give it foldable wings and increased speeds might push it to hypersonic and give it to the Su-57 for a internal carry of 4.

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    Post  GarryB Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:10 am

    Well the thing with the Kh-31 is that it is ramjet powered...

    We have seen with the Onyx reportedly that just filling it with the much higher energy fuel created for the Zircon its speed was increased to mach 5 from about mach 2.3 or so, and its range increased from about 500km to about 800km, but obviously further improvements in performance could be achieved by fitting it with a scramjet engine too.

    For a while they were working on a ramjet powered R-77 but they stopped work on that, and I suspect an obvious reason would be that a scramjet powered R-77 would be of similar weight and size but have the potential to fly more than twice as fast...

    The potential is enormous but the real question is... do you keep the old models for export and keep the high speed stuff for yourself and further more is it worth the effort to do too much to upgrade the old stuff or would brand new designs made from scratch do a better job.

    Instead of a Kh-31MPD... why not a Kh-62...

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