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    Insurrection in Chile


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    Insurrection in Chile Empty Insurrection in Chile

    Post  Manov on Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:43 pm

    A international reflection by a chilean.

    What would be the main powers leaders thinking about Chile in this minute? Probably Chile is the least of their concerns, because there are so many places were they are facing each other (Syria for example). At the international level, the chilean affair is not everywhere in first page, it is just another crisis within many.

    Nevertheless, soon the COP 25 and APEC summits will occur. Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, the world’s most powerful presidents in this moment, that represents different blocs (USA-China,Russia), will be here, in Chile.

    I wonder if they will talk about this, because there are several implications.

    For nobody is secret that the USA controls Chile and their political class. With bribes, financial and political support, as the main supplier off weapons to the armed forces (together with Israel) and as architects of our experimental economic system, that then they tried to apply (partially). Nevertheless, USA is in plain crisis at a world level and is loosing power rapidly. USA is the second commercial partner of Chile

    China, by the other hand, is living the contrary. Is in the rise, its power grows day after day. Every time it has more influence among other countries and it is the first commercial partner of Chile. What it means, that it has de facto control over Chile.

    Russia, is an actor with its strength is not the economic (6th economy in PPP) but its power resides in resources, industrial base and specially the military. Russia is China’s nuclear umbrella against USA. Russia has been taking the role of mediator in many conflicts and i would not be surprised that if this conflict escalates, Putin would agree to mediate.

    Before this things complicate. By a side the USA does not want its southern cone son to be destabilize, but it does not want to lose this government either because it is their more direct way to control the country. What it means that the USA won’t like to see the people win.

    China by the contrary, despite it does not want to see Chile destabilized , it would look positively that the USA lose power in the country, where they could fill the space. We would change western investment for asian investment. The issue is that the cultural closeness of the USA with the chilean elite facilitate its control , versus the remoteness that these have with China.

    I don’t doubt that this government will fall and the people will triumph, but i am uneasy about the geopolitical situation in which our country will be. The military is controlled by the USA, so, there will be extreme resistance by them (as of now the USS Wasp is the Valparaíso harbor). The business elites are capable to selling their grandmother, but they prefer the USA to China, because at the end, even if it does not look like, they are communists.

    If the government continues this way, it will be getting paranoid and will start blaming Maduro and the “international left”, that will derive in blaming Russia as the mastermind (following the USA script). We all know that messing with Russia is messing with China.

    We need to have a lot of caution from the foreign media, if they are receiving our info and looks imparcial (because it is not their countries), remember who are their friends and with who are their media groups connected with.

    This is why i call to continue the demands, to prepare for a complicated future and that Chile must remain united to finally build a more just country.

    PS: i add a very didactic video by the Russian tv (in spanish)


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    Insurrection in Chile Empty Re: Insurrection in Chile

    Post  GarryB on Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:04 am

    The old power game continues... central and south America are american and they wont tolerate any other power being involved... politically, economically or militarily... it has nothing to do with the country itself... they are happy to destroy a countries economy and make them poor because they are easier to control when they are poor.

    Russian and Chinese trade and influence would lead to a more prosperous and stronger country that they would lose control of an that cannot be allowed to happen... even if it means economic sanctions, sea blockades... CIA death squads... they don't care.

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