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    Αnti-drone warfare


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    Post  magnumcromagnon on Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:27 pm

    It should be noted that ECM in all likelihood would sever/break lines of communication and targeting, with all PGM's barring ones with back up inertial guidance. PGM's with inertial guidance aren't completely immune from ECM, Maser's such as Krashukya-4 would fry the circuitry of PGM's with a direct beam of microwaves, and this is taken even further with Peresvet a nuclear pump laser, which combines both DEW and ECM, it's a Laser and a Maser rolled in to one.

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    Αnti-drone warfare - Page 2 Empty Re: Αnti-drone warfare

    Post  kvs on Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:17 pm

    magnumcromagnon wrote:
    kvs wrote:

    Yeah, Russians are too dumb to handle such yanqui brilliance.   Who invented MLRS, dipwads?  So now you
    capitalist puritans are all about Leninist quantity has a quality all its own, eh.  To an informed observer,
    this looks a lot like clutching at the straws of desperation.  You know, Russia is the world leader in EW.

    You forgot to add the Soviet/Russian navy pioneered swarm missile tactics for at least 50 years now. A multitude of Soviet era and contemporary Russian Ashm's have 'wolf-pack' swarming algorithms built in to their software.

    Thanks for pointing this out. If they thought of such attacks, then by definition they thought about how defend against such attacks.
    As usual, the yanquis are a day late and a dollar short while chest thumping about their exceptionalist superiority.

    Stupid chimps: Hubris is followed by Nemesis.

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