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    "Kinzhal" hypersonic aviation-missile complex


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    Post  GarryB on Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:32 am

    I think it is probably just cheaper to make lots and lots of 4,500km range cruise missiles and with the new universal launcher they are working on for their navy ...USKS-M that can be loaded with cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and also SAMs of all types... the ship mounted version has 8 main launch tubes but split that in half and have four launch tubes that would fit into a 40ft Standard shipping container... you could put those all over the place on land... in fact every major Russian military base could have them all over the place as a SAM supporting system and also potentially a cruise missile launching infrastructure for tens of thousands of cruise missiles able to attack the EU.

    Together with hypersonic IRCMs that can take out air defences and HQs and comms centres the follow up cruise missiles can use Glonass so as soon as they cross out of Russian territory they can arm their nuke warheads so any aircraft or SAM shoots them down and boom anyway.... these cruise missiles will be super cheap because they only require basic guidance to hit city sized targets with powerful nuke warheads...

    Keep the MLRS with their anti armour top attack munitions to deal with any armoured forces NATO might be able to form up... they could probably used as a general damage weapon against ships too I suppose...

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    "Kinzhal" hypersonic aviation-missile complex - Page 13 Empty Re: "Kinzhal" hypersonic aviation-missile complex

    Post  thegopnik on Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:09 am

    Old sources here is one on 2015

    "Russia’s Gromov Flight Research Institute (LII) expects its latest GLL-AP-02 hypersonic scramjet test vehicle to fly in “three or four years,” with officials telling Flightglobal that funding constraints and technical issues have slowed progress."

    "In accordance with Russia's State Armament Program for 2018-2027, Su-57 jet fighters will be equipped with hypersonic missiles. The jet fighters will receive missiles with characteristics similar to that of the Kinzhal missiles, but with inter-body placement and smaller size," the source said.

    The source did not provide details on specific characteristics of the new missiles or clarifications on when they will be tried."

    "The latest version of a missile for Russian fifth-generation fighter PAK FA will be developed by 2016, CEO of Tactical Missiles Corporation, Boris Obnosov, said at KADEX 2014, press-service of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade reports.

    «We are working closely with Sukhoi design bureau and we have created a joint working group. All the records of proceedings and other documents have been approved by both parties, the mock-ups will be manufactured on time, the program is on schedule – the development will be completed by 2016», - Boris Obnosov said, adding that this refers to the latest version of Kh-74M2 cruise missile.

    «It is a hard work, testing is very intense and sometimes even Akhtubinsk State Proving Flying Center is unable to handle the workload», - the corporation’s CEO added."

    So it seems it might be more than likely some Scramjet missiles might be shown in this upcoming airshow. I wonder what are the chances of a scramjet air to ground missile would be in this airshow along with its size if it would fit into the internal weapons bay. If that happens I am going to have fun shitposting this image "Kinzhal" hypersonic aviation-missile complex - Page 13 than comparing it to an SU-57 without an external carry because I have heard F-35 fans take alot of pride in stealth and this would be a huge insult.

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