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    MSC Preziosa...the french build ship from Kadhafi...


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    MSC Preziosa...the french build ship from Kadhafi...

    Post  Aristide on Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:48 pm

    Its super interesting.

    Libyan dictator Kadhafi always dreamed about owning his own cruise ship.

    A deal was made and in 2010 he ordered a massive luxury liner. The ship was intented to be named Phoenicia.

    Libya paid 850 million € and construction began in the STX France yard. In February 2011 the revolution broke out in Libya. A revolution heavily triggered by France.

    In June STX cancelled the contract but continued building the ship, since Kadhafi had already paid for it.

    A new buyer was looked for and the italian MSC bought the ship for 550 million. So the italian MSC line got a very well build ship for a cheap price and STX France earned over 1.3 billion€ when both prices are combined.

    The ship now sails with the name MSC Preziosa

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