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    Post  GarryB on Fri Sep 27, 2019 10:54 am

    Nice to see Zivo fighting the good fight still.... Smile

    Correcting stupid people is a full time job... Smile

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    Post  Cyberspec on Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:14 pm

    GarryB wrote:Nice to see Zivo fighting the good fight still.... Smile

    Correcting stupid people is a full time job...  Smile

    It's a shit job but someone gotta do it

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    Post  kvs on Fri Sep 27, 2019 2:58 pm

    miketheterrible wrote:We have an Indian moron who thinks that gun stabilization on the armata is terrible this M1A1 is better tank. Lol

    He was out in his place by someone talking about the fire control system.

    What a collection of retarded dick-stroking chauvinists. As if the designers of Russian/Soviet tanks never test targeting
    accuracy with the thank jumping over obstacles. That's right, Russian tanks do firing while in full bore motion over rough
    terrain and can fire while the tracks are not touching the ground.

    Read the comments from these losers, one of them talks about the Armata being a "copy of the Ukrainian T-80U". So now Ukraine
    was never part of the USSR and it's those stupid Russians copying the work of others. F*ck these South Asian chimps. You are
    the clowns who after trying for decades are still copying and buying foreign tech.

    Also note how these dicks are busy fellating Uncle Scumbag.


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    Post  miketheterrible on Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:26 pm

    Indians still talk about how Arjun was superior. But of course they never ordered any

    They just love huge tanks cause they think bigger = better
    But if that the case, their woman would be running into arms of Dutch men.

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    Post  franco Today at 10:09 pm

    Production of T-14 tanks. When and how much?

    In 2015, the public was shown for the first time the promising main T-14 tank, built on the Unified Armata platform. Later, the first reports appeared about the launch of mass production of such equipment for various purposes. The industry carries out the orders received, and the military department is busy testing equipment. Nevertheless, some features of the Armata program may look like cause for concern. In addition, unhealthy sensations are sometimes made from known facts.

    During production

    By May 2015, NPK Uralvagonzavod had built several MBT T-14s for testing at once. These cars took part in a parade on Red Square and then returned to the testing ground. Probably, it was them who were subsequently repeatedly shown in various reports, at exhibitions, etc.

    In the spring of 2016, news appeared in the domestic media about the purchase of 100 new tanks for military trials. In early September of the same year, the management of NPK "UVZ" clarified information on the release of equipment. Indeed, the production of tanks started, and the first vehicles were transferred to the customer. In total, it was planned to build 2300 tanks for our army. It could take several years to complete such an order. Such construction could be completed in 2020 or 2025, depending on various factors.

    New information on purchases of armored vehicles on the Armata platform appeared only in August 2018. As part of the Army-2018 forum, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract to purchase an installation batch of 132 pieces of equipment. This number included MBT T-14, heavy BMP T-15 and repair and recovery vehicles T-16. The first nine cars were supposed to go to the customer last year. The completion of the contract is scheduled for 2021.

    At the very end of last year, it announced the completion of factory tests and the early start of state tests. This stage of work was supposed to begin in 2019 and take some time. According to its results, a decision was expected on the future fate of tanks and other equipment.

    No new messages on production contracts for the T-14 MBT have yet been received. In addition, industry and the army are in no hurry to disclose details of the implementation of existing contracts. Apparently, the customer has already received a certain number of tanks and other armored vehicles on a unified platform. Moreover, new models have not yet been officially adopted.

    Known Patterns

    The exact number of T-14 tanks already built is unknown. The same applies to other equipment on the Armata platform. However, the available data allows us to determine at least the lower limit of the number of finished equipment. In addition, the possible maximum number of tanks required is known. All this allows us to make assumptions and make estimates.

    It is known that at the time of the parade on Red Square NPK "UVZ" has built at least 20 experimental MBT and TBMP. 10 tanks and 10 infantry fighting vehicles participated in the celebrations, after which they returned for testing.

    The status of the pilot batch of 100 cars, which was reported in 2016, is still unclear. The lack of accurate information does not allow attributing this batch to the well-known and used in the calculations.

    Last year’s contract provides for the supply of 132 armored vehicles, with 9 planned to be built before the beginning of 2019. According to known data, 44 units are scheduled for delivery this year. Thus, at least a dozen cars are already ready under this contract, and about 120 will be built no later than 2021.

    To date, with sufficient confidence we can talk about the release of at least 20 T-14 tanks. At least hundreds of new machines are provided for by the existing and ongoing contract. In the near future, new orders for hundreds of tanks and other armored vehicles may appear. However, before this, the existing equipment must complete the state tests and get the necessary assessment.

    It should be noted that the actual number of promising armored vehicles at test sites and in parts may be significantly larger than the known. The high priority of the Armata project leads to corresponding secrecy. Not all news about the release or testing of such equipment reaches the press and the public.

    Plans and production

    During discussions of the state and prospects of the MBT T-14, they often recall the statements of the past and compare them with the latest news. So, in 2016, the management of Uralvagonzavod mentioned the need to build 2300 tanks of a new type by 2020-25. At the same time, real contracts provide for the delivery of more modest consignments - 132 cars by 2021.

    This discrepancy of statements and actions can be interpreted in different ways. It is expected that they will try to make an unhealthy sensation out of him. The mismatch of numbers and deadlines is called the failure of the entire program, the threat to the country's defense, strategic miscalculation, etc.

    At the same time, statements by officials on existing plans for the production of equipment are well known. They explain the current state of affairs and reveal the expected events of the near future. There are also grounds for various plausible assessments. However, all official explanations and realistic assessments are unlikely to be the reason for high-profile publications.

    Reasons for the lag

    The main reason for the insufficiently high production rates of the T-14 can be considered the overall complexity of the project. The Armata platform uses a number of new solutions for our industry that complicate the project. MBT based on such a platform is also quite complicated. All new ideas need refinement and refinement, which takes time and money.

    The complexity of projects often leads to delays and the transfer of new stages. Nevertheless, such problems usually find a solution, and the project ends with the desired results. MBT T-14, having new unusual components, really could require a longer refinement, and this is not surprising. In accordance with the change in the schedule of work, the deadlines for serial production have shifted.

    Last July, interesting features of the T-14 project were revealed by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. He pointed out that a promising tank is more expensive than existing models that have undergone modernization. At the same time, the updated equipment meets current requirements in terms of characteristics.

    If the T-72B3 tanks were inferior to foreign technology, the Ministry of Defense would begin the full-scale construction of new T-14s. However, the current state of affairs allows you to take your time and calmly complete work on Armata. Thus, the army will receive a new tank in the right quantities - but this will happen later, but the car will be fully ready for service.

    Earlier, reports on Armata featured plans to build 2,300 tanks in the foreseeable future. Apparently, it was a question of the maximum necessary quantity of equipment capable of ensuring the rearmament of the army. According to the results of such serial construction, ground forces could sharply reduce the share of old and modernized vehicles, and the new T-14 would become the basis of the tank fleet.

    Nevertheless, the urgent implementation of such plans was abandoned. The construction of Armat MBT will not be forced, which will save money, and the modernized tanks of old models will support the defense capability. However, this approach does not preclude the construction of 2300 tanks of the new model - but the last of them will enter the army later than originally planned.

    Desires, opportunities, plans and adjustments

    Obviously, the Russian army needs a completely new tank, which is not a conversion of an existing armored car. Such a model of technology has already been created and is even being produced in a small series. Approximately in 2020, some units of the army will have to begin experimental military operation of the T-14 tanks ordered in 2018.

    MBT T-14 is created with an eye to the distant future. According to current estimates and plans, such equipment will be operated almost until the middle of the XXI century. As a result of this, it should not only meet modern requirements, but also have a backlog for modernization in the future. Fulfillment of such requirements is associated with known difficulties, and work may be delayed. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the main T-14 tanks will go to the troops in the near future and officially enter service. The only question is the exact date and the exact amount of equipment in each individual batch.

    Author: Ryabov Kirill

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