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    Post  franco on Sun May 12, 2019 2:55 am

    The 132nd mixed aviation division has been formed in Kaliningrad

    As a colleague noticed altyn73 , according to the publication of the Baltic Fleet newspaper "Guardian of the Baltics" , on May 9, 2019, the parade of officers of the mixed aviation division of the Baltic Fleet was held at the parade of troops and forces of the Kaliningrad garrison. The deputy commander of the division of the guard, Colonel Sergey Saushkin headed the system. Thus, according to known data, as predicted, the management of the 72nd naval aviation base of the Baltic Fleet was reorganized into the management of the 132nd mixed aviation division of the Naval Aviation of the Baltic Fleet, which united the entire Baltic Fleet aviation group in the Kaliningrad region.

    The formation of the 132nd mixed aircraft division became possible after the restoration in late 2018 of the Kaliningrad group of Naval Aviation of the Baltic Fleet of two combat aviation regiments - the 689th Guards Fighter Sandomir Order of Alexander Nevsky Aviation Regiment named after Air Marshal AI Pokryshkin and the 4th Separate Guards Marine Assault Novgorod-Klaipeda Red Banner Aviation Regiment named after Marshal Aviation I.I. Borzov. Also, the 132nd mixed air division, supposedly, included the formed mixed aviation regiment (apparently, uniting the transport and aviation components of the former 72nd air base). In addition, according to the available unofficial information, a helicopter regiment of army aviation can be formed as part of the 132nd mixed air division.

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