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    Syrian War: News #18


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    Re: Syrian War: News #18

    Post  eehnie on Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:47 am

    JohninMK wrote:OK, so you found the button to change type colour. Good for you but it does show a degree of immaturity when you use it for no apparent reason.

    Please don't do it here.

    Better if you care about your own degree of inmaturity feeling disturbed by not apparent reason, and feeling entitled to say what must be done or not here.

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    Re: Syrian War: News #18

    Post  GarryB on Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:18 am

    Hollywood makes the war look pretty for US stupid people and bad for the bad guys. They condition them to be stupid.

    Sadly they start on you when you are a child... look at all the old cartoons... the irony is that it is always the underdog or the weak that prevail... a cat vs a mouse, a cat vs a bird, a rabbit vs a hunter, a coyote vs a road runner (in the real world Coyotes are faster than road runners).

    When you are brought up with such a distorted view of the world what real chance do you have?

    Ironically using what Disney has taught them, most American children should be anti American... because America is the bully that does things for selfish reasons and breaks the moral rules of right and wrong... rules they use to frame any opposition to their will as being the bad guys, but they don't follow those rules themselves...

    Regarding the use of colours... they are a tool and anyone can use them... I find them useful to highlight things mainly when I have my Mod Hat on so it is clear what is being said is as a Mod rather than a member.

    As a tool it can highlight important points, but if over used can have a negative effect, so it doesn't work the way you were hoping.

    At the end of the day there is the ignore function.

    But lets be clear what is happening here... one member chose to use colour in their post and another member used a little bit of sarcasm in a negative way and then asked politely that they stop doing that.

    I don't think they were trying to offend or be mean... I think it was just a reflection of frustration...

    As an example to everyone... if you are asking someone to stop doing something it is almost never a good idea to be sarcastic and question their maturity while doing so.

    But then when you win your cage fight and you hear abuse coming from outside the cage it might be wrong to leap the fence and deal to that person... but everyone makes mistakes and does the wrong things sometimes...

    The first member can choose to be the grown up and respect the other members wishes, or not... anyone can use the colour and other features of this forum that they choose... but keep in mind that some multicoloured mess is just as likely to be ignored by the people you are here trying to communicate with... which sort of defeats the purpose.

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