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    Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2


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    Post  Rodion_Romanovic on Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:35 pm

    Tsavo Lion wrote:Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov - cannot be repaired?

    As for the expediency of returning Kuznetsov to service, despite the significant cost of repairs, he will be able to significantly enhance the potential of the Navy. By the time the Kuznetsov repair is completed, at least one more frigate of project 22 350 (in addition to the frigates of this project already available in the Northern Fleet) should be operational, and the modernization of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov will be completed. This, in combination with other ships of the Northern Fleet, will allow the formation of a powerful multi-purpose ship group. At the same time, the combat potential of Admiral Kuznetsov will increase significantly. In particular, the ship will be based on a full-fledged air group of two squadrons of Su-33 and MiG-29K fighters, which is already available at the moment.

    The cost of repairing Kuznetsov is high and actually corresponds to the cost of building a new multipurpose nuclear submarine. However, this money is well worth it for the Russian Navy to receive a full-fledged aircraft carrier that can serve for a very long time and significantly enhance the potential of an entire naval formation, especially considering that the number of large warships in the Russian Navy leaves much to be desired. In addition, the overhaul of Kuznetsov will make it possible to get an aircraft carrier in the foreseeable future, as well as preserve the school of carrier-based aviation, while the construction of a new ship of this class costs many times more money, despite the fact that the Russian industry is currently hardly ready to carry out such large-scale project.

    From the title i believed it was some idiocy, but maybe it was a problem with the automatic translation.
    I tend to fully agree with the reported conclusion.

    In addition there is a huge need of large drydocks in the north and in the far east capable of building and repairing aircraft carriers, cruisers, icebreakers, LNG tankers, etc...

    Those floating dry docks were probably just a stopgaps, and where also in need of being decommissioned and getting a replacement.

    So the cost of the investment for new infrastructure cannot be included in the repair cost of admiral Kuznetov, since they are needed anyway...

    Unfortunately this is what happen when you neglect something for a long time... you save money on the short term, but the long term consequences are huge.... and the cost remains, but you have to pay it all at once...

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    Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2 - Page 32 Empty Re: Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2

    Post  Big_Gazza on Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:04 am

    A deliberately misleading heading, probably just a click-bait ploy.

    The article seems balanced but the cost of Kuznetsovs repair and modernisation is still being exaggerated - equal to the cost of a multi-purpose nuclear submarine?? I presume they are referring to a Yasen-M, and if so, this is an absurd claim. I'll need to see some (believable) cost data before i'll believe this steaming pile of 5th columnist lies.

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    Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2 - Page 32 Empty Re: Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2

    Post  GarryB on Sun Feb 16, 2020 4:20 am

    Equally the claims of costs and what it would buy instead don't take in to account the obvious... if they were going to use the money they would spend on fixing the K to buy another two Frigates it doesn't mean that translates directly into having two new frigates right now... it means in 15 years time when they have made the 20 odd frigates they might have wanted they could then make two extra ones, but of course in the 15 years time that money would be diverted elsewhere rather than sitting waiting to be spent.

    And diverting the money means writing off a carrier that cannot be replaced any time in the next decade which renders a lot of things useless including two land based carrier deck simulators (the original soviet one and the one they built when the Ukraine said they couldn't use that one...).

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    Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2 - Page 32 Empty Re: Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: News #2

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