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    Russian super (stupid) weapons that are (not) actually in development


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    Russian super (stupid) weapons that are (not) actually in development

    Post  The-thing-next-door on Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:04 pm

    I was looking through the depressing boring and innactive millatery related media on the internet when all of a sudden I stumbled onto this

    So it seems the Russian millatery is developing shapshifting hipnotic poisonous giant squids. But what if this is only the tip of the iceberg could Russia be developing an army of bioweapons that makes xenomorphs look like mere garden pests?

    Such weapons could be made with pre programed brains focused on one thing and one thing only the destruction of the west by any means necessary and with cloning technology the Russian millatery could easily breed millions.

    A creature capable of hipnotising and poisoning enemies at a great distance while being virtualy imune to gunfire is formidable enough but what if Russian scientists managed to imporve on it could we be seeing the early stages of a new superweapon?

    But this begs the question of what other scientific horrors await in the depths of Russia secret research facilities?

    Please don't forget to post any other mentions of similar crap

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