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    Russians supposedly can't drive


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    Russians supposedly can't drive

    Post  kvs on Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:18 pm

    There are lots of youtube videos from dashcams on Russian cars showing all sorts of idiotic driving leading to "accidents".
    The commentary at the bottom of these videos is vitriolic, stereotyping drivel about how horrible Russian drivers are.
    What we have here is known as a sampling bias in statistics. Use of dashcams in Russia is far more widespread than
    basically anywhere else. So you get to see what really happens on the roads during "accidents". Inferring that this
    is uniquely Russian is simply retarded.

    1) I see no such focus on Indian, Chinese and most of humanity. In fact, it seems typical to mix in Chinese and South-East
    Asian accidents with Russian ones and the retards watching these videos seem not to notice.

    2) I have personally seen exactly the same idiocy you see in Russian dashcam videos on Canadian roads. One example is
    a moron who ran a red and smashed into a left turning car when he had loads of visual clues aside from the red light that
    he was supposed to stop. This was a multilane road and several other cars were already stopped. Another moron
    rear-ended the car behind me when we were all gradually stopping at a red light.

    3) A lot of the Russian car "accidents" are due to dangerous passing. This behaviour one could say is characteristic of
    Russia (but not only Russia) since the road infrastructure is grossly underdeveloped. Russia right now is in a frenzy of
    road expansion that should have been done years ago. The common BS line from the Soviet authorities was that
    road development facilitates invasion. As a result of the explosion of car ownership after 1990, people are driven
    up the wall sitting in traffic jams. One can see how trying to escape this soul destroying time waste would be more common
    than in Canada and the USA.

    3a) In Canadian traffic jam situations I have seen a similar tendency for some drivers to recklessly queue jump by driving
    on the shoulder and onto merging ramps. I would not exclude that there are "Russian style" accidents from this but
    we don't have the dashcam record.

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    Re: Russians supposedly can't drive

    Post  Svyatoslavich on Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:34 am

    From what I saw myself in Moscow, Russians park horribly. I saw lots of cars in downtown Moscow with misaligned parking, or even over the sidewalk. Anyway, when I was in Montreal some years ago I saw a guy hammering the back of his car towards a light pole, like three times, he just didn't notice he had hit it. Not that I want to take any pride in it, but in Brazil and Argentina people have better driving skills in my opinion, but are tremendously agressive and unrespectful of laws.

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    Re: Russians supposedly can't drive

    Post  Vladimir79 on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:27 am

    It is simply a result of the large numbers of dashcams in Russian autos. Most countries do not subsidize their use so they simply do not have them to catch all the crazy shit that goes on their roads.

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    Re: Russians supposedly can't drive

    Post  kvs on Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:57 pm

    After posting in the police thread, I will post it here too:

    This crappy site tries to extort money after a couple of visits, but you can see the large drop in road fatalities between 2007
    and 2015 a drop from 33,308 to 23,000. This indicates a substantial normalization of driving conditions in Russia. After
    watching many dashcam videos, my impression is that a lot of accidents are due to poor road infrastructure (i.e. proper left
    turn conditions and lights).

    But it is also likely that alcoholism is a key factor:

    There is a high degree of correlation between alcohol consumption and road mortality.

    But road infrastructure is very important and Moscow has experienced a massive drop in the accident rate in a one year period.

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    Re: Russians supposedly can't drive

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