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    Could the PVO have destroyed massed XB-70 attacks in the early 60s?


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    Could the PVO have destroyed massed XB-70 attacks in the early 60s?

    Post  KomissarBojanchev on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:40 am

    That is lets say 4 years before the MiG-25 finished testing. Lets say the US procured around 150 XB-70s , and 80 of them go on a massed nuclear attack at Mach 3 against the USSR at around 17000m. Are there any soviet fighters and missiles that could've reliably destroyed them? And don't tell me about MAD, I'm specifically asking if the USSR could destroy XB-70s, not if they could retaliate.

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    Re: Could the PVO have destroyed massed XB-70 attacks in the early 60s?

    Post  GarryB on Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:31 am

    Do you think if they could they might not have cancelled them (XB-70s) in the first place?

    If they had managed to build 150 B-70s then they would not have needed the Vietnam war to spend all that excess money they had...

    Flying high and straight is no way to penetrate an enemy air defence network... they do communicate with each other via radio so approaching over the north pole means all Soviet airfields would be alerted and all SAM sites would also be alerted.

    They only ended up building one or two and one managed to crash into a chase plane... they tested them through the 1960s so the very idea they might have a viable force of 150 aircraft in the 1960s is a joke.

    From wiki:

    At two secret meetings on 16 and 18 November 1959, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Twining, recommended the Air Force's plan for the B-70 to reconnoiter and strike rail-mobile Soviet ICBMs, but the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General White, admitted the Soviets would "be able to hit the B-70 with rockets" and requested the B-70 be downgraded to "a bare minimum research and development program" at $200 million for fiscal year 1960. President Eisenhower responded that the reconnaissance and strike mission was "crazy" since the nuclear mission was to attack known production and military complexes, and emphasized that he saw no need for the B-70 since the ICBM is "a cheaper, more effective way of doing the same thing". Eisenhower also identified that the B-70 would not be in manufacturing until "eight to ten years from now" and "said he thought we were talking about bows and arrows at a time of gunpowder when we spoke of bombers in the missile age"

    So even the US didn't think they could get B-70s operational till the 1970s and even in 1960s thought they would be vulnerable to SAMs.

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