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    IMDS 2017 - St. Petersburg


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    Re: IMDS 2017 - St. Petersburg

    Post  hoom on Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:37 am

    Honestly, if the Missiles in the back are of the S-400s variety, than i would say that this ship will be a good contender for succeeding the Slava-class.
    It out-throws not just the Slavas but upgraded Nakhimov Shocked

    Charly015 did his infographic thing for the Briz already

    More pics via Balancer forum

    Its a weird design but I quite like it myself Cool
    What I don't understand is reportage talks about 24* Kalibr & 32* Redut, neither of which is present on the model, which clearly has 16* each.
    4* Uran (the funny thing in the front), a Duet & 2* AK-630.
    I guess there could be a version with the Uran removed & an extra UKSK module instead?
    Big question is what its got in the way of radar to guide the SAMs, looks like only a Positiv dome up top but could be something more powerful in the cone under it (like some recent French designs)

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    Re: IMDS 2017 - St. Petersburg

    Post  George1 on Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:17 am

    Uninhabited marine vehicles at the naval salon IMDS-2017

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    Super Gorshkov

    Post  ozpirate on Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:59 pm

    wilhelm wrote:Not speaking Russian, I'm not sure which thread this belongs in..but it is so big I assume it might be something to do with either the Lider or Suoer Gorshkov?

    Correct link:

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    Re: IMDS 2017 - St. Petersburg

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