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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Putin is the biggest problem for Russia to lead in space.

    Post  Vann7 on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:54 pm

    Putin is the biggest problem for Russia to lead in space. you can't become a leader in space ,cutting in half
    the budget of Russia space program.. i can't forget how the fanboys call it " a good idea" , or that no Russia don't need a heavy rocket..  Russia wasted about a staggering $65 BILLIONS , that is $65,000,000,000. of money in things that don't really help Russia to convince the west into abandon NATO or the American Orbit.  Nobody
    talks anymore about Sochi or Fifa.. what was that shit about?  Still people talk today about Soviet achievements in
    space..and even movies made about it.. but no one talk about Russia olympics ... Is not Olympic medals what Putin convince the developed world to abandon the American system.. But Space exploration medals instead..

    If Putin was way more ambitious in space.. we will be Right now speaking about Russian cosmonauts landing in the moon and mars..  and the entire world in amazement , and Americans and Europeans business begging Russia for join programs in teach them how to do it.. right.. But when you have an obsolete President like Putin ,behind the times ,that not even use the internet ,according to his own statement.. then anything is possible..
    let puting continue promoting "healthy food" and healthy life"  while the Americans are increasing their space program budget by a significant way... Americans understand what leadership is.. Putin's don't understand a Shit..

    The Biggest problem Russia face , is not NATO , is not Terrorism ,Is not americans trying to destroy Russia by starving its economy.. is neither  the 5th column the biggest problem. The Biggest problem Russia face , is
    their own President lack of understand on how to counter the Americans.. how to destroy their system without using nukes or firing a bullet.. Not understanding how Americans use their popular business as a weapon to influence the world , and how critical important is for Russia to compete and surpass ,American top influential Business in the world..  This is because NATIONs , developed countries ,don't follow losers or second or third best..
    Developed nations follow only LEADERS!!   if Russia was doing today (and not in the ~2034 as they plan) moonwalks ,a base on the moon and mars walks.. live on television , and or landing in mars satellites bodies , with humans .. This will surpass the winning of 100x sochis and any other achievement of any company ever in human history.. But unfortunately i don't think Russia have a chance to ever beat NASA in the moon and mars with Putin in power..Putin don't really is totally clueless of how to defeat American system. If you stop using dollars.. this will not end the American influence in the world.. will not end NASA ,will not end American silicon valley.. he is totally wrong on his strategy to counter Americans system.  My only hope is that someone of trust of Putin ,tell him to retire ,and explain him how he is the biggest problem for Russia to continue its development.. Eventually Putin policies , of NOT Fighting the American leadership..will only lead to a World War 3... sooner or later , unless Putin
    can continue taking slap on his face ,again and again.. and experience more proxy wars ,NATO will create to force Russia interfere and get a lot more thousands of soldiers killed.  If Russia don't lead in the world.. it have no other choice to follow the Americans system, or follow Europe but  they can't complain later if they don't like it , if they do nothing to counter it.. breaking agriculture records and singing soviet songs or winning sports medals ,none of this will help Russia to disband NATO and disband the American world.

    And leading in space , doing amazing things there ,will also attract a huge major migration world wide TOp Engineers and Scientist , hoping to become part of Russia space program.. So many Huge Opportunities Putin
    is missing for his outdated way of thinking. What can we do ? Is Russia doomed forever with Putin in power?
    or will the moron one day wake up from his ignorance?  or someone replace him?  Only A miracle will save Russia,
    something like Europe taking the lead away of Americans. .but still this means Russia being a second place and their interest will continue to be disrespected and the calls for disbanding of Russia continue ,as long Russia don't disband the Jews Financial exceptionalism system. in US and Europe.. and Russia will never achieve that with Putin in power and his mediocre Russia  development.  All new Rockets will be useless if not used.. if NASA allowed to lead in space explorations. A full space exploration program need to start now ,and not 15 years as Russia
    space industry told will do..  If Putin had any shame , it will have felt embarrassed to see Russia cosmonauts resigning from their careers ,announcing in public that it was consequences of the mediocre Government they have ,and the lack of ambitious in space.   Hopefully Cosmonauts will threaten Putin to resign all of them ,if he does not change his mediocre support for Russia space program. and People should stop claiming Russia have no money..
    Russia have a shit load of money.. you see that in how they never have problems building olympic avenues for a one time use , and waste hundreds of billions in sports infrastructure and Super trains.. is only the monkey president that don't use it wisely the budget in Russia ,and put the investment in the things that really matter.
    and can truly help Russia to become a 100% independent nation.. Is lack of independence and lack of development ,lack of leadership the reason why Russia is in a cold war .semi hot with the west.


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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty This is why is a terrible idea ,that Russia share information or even sell ,very important missile technology or any

    Post  Vann7 on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:05 pm

    This is why is a terrible idea ,that Russia share information or even sell ,very important missile technology or any
    other technology critical to Russia nation security to other nations..

    So now Pakistan will have Brahmos blue prints , because of the sharing the technology to India..
    and in little time Americans ,Israel and Saudi Arabia will have the inside information of them...
    So who is to blame for this disaster?  Putin for sure...

    and still the IDIOT was thinking in sharing Pak-fa technology with India and brazil..
    Putin incompetence is worse than treason.. because Putin's policies of trading critical technology
    to other nations ,put at risk the national security of Russia.. and more with India ,that is very friendly
    to ISRAEL.. Russia should trust no one and never give any technology that is too important for Russia
    to have an edge over the west.

    THink about the idiocy of Putin giving S-400s to Turkey , which is a NATO member.. Laughing
    Putin ignorance and incompetence is really dangerous for Russia. Americans don't give away F-22 technology
    with any nation.. not even to UK or Israel..and other very critical technology neither. But Russia will be giving away their best defenses S-400 to Turkey , to a nation that was aiding Alqaeda to kill Russians..
    so that NATO can better train how to counter Russia defenses..and be more effective in a war against Russia.  Neutral

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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: Anti-Putin Discussion

    Post  GarryB on Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:54 am

    The technology in Brahmos is from Onyx, which is from the 1990s in terms of Russian technology.

    The work India and Russia did together on the design brought it up to date but the Russians are getting ready to introduce its replacement in the form of the hypersonic Zircon... it is not the end of the world if the blueprints are compromised...

    The money Russia earned in the Brahmos programme probably help pay for a lot of useful things, and the new design technology applied to make the previously anti ship missile only system into a system fully capable of land attack was a decent step forward as well... just afterwards most of their other sea launched anti ship missiles developed land attack capacity... including the Kh-35... so the cooperation was well worth it from a Russian perspective.

    From an Indian perspective they went from fairly ordinary anti ship capability to a supersonic weapon they had ownership of that could attack land and sea based targets and could be ship, sub, air, or ground launched... which is an enormous step forward for them too.

    Blueprints give you the layout of components, but is not sufficient to build your own model exactly...

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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: Anti-Putin Discussion

    Post  GunshipDemocracy on Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:40 am

    @Vann and what precisely "critical tech" was shared with anybody? Nothing.

    India is not particularity friendly to Israel or USA or Russia. India looks after own interests. Same as Russia does. The good thing is that both countries share strategic objectives to counter USA. Besides moeny form selling own tech (which in turn lets you speed up to design new gen) .

    Look Su-35 was sold only after PAK-FA was ready, S-400 was saol only after they knew S-500 comes soon. Where is the treason?

    You think as besieged accountant ot me. Putin in turn is THE strategist.

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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Anti-putin discussion

    Post  Vann7 on Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:32 pm

    dino00 wrote:
    George1 wrote:

    ...its not even two fu@#ing planes a year!!.Why so low?

    Why so low?  

    For the same reasons ,that Russia abandoned the plans of full production of armata and will build them
    at water drop quantities every year and for the same reasons they delayed /put on hold their Pak-Da
    bomber project.. and for the same reasons they cut in half the budget in their space program .

    Because Russia is short on money after miss-using it , in not really needed things and over charged the
    Budget in Russia.

    Putin have been wasting the Russian budget ,in bulshit Olympics ,building expensive Olympics avenues,
    shiny luxury new parks ,signed a contract of $200 billions for a high speed trains to China.. the one they have is not good enough for them apparently ,he wanted faster speed. Rolling Eyes and so all that money spend in meaningless recreation , about ~$ 300billions in USD.. miss used for a cosmetic make up of Russian cities to promote "good relations" through "healthy sports" and  tourism.   So all this miss use of Russian budget by Putin , in meaningless
    outdoors entertainment is what kills Russia budget for doing really important things as Nation security is ,
    and Space exploration.. Some were in the argument that because Russia have nukes.. so "nobody" will dare to attack Russia ever.. Laughing  Once you have so many nukes ,why will anyone need armata of a next generation stealth plane?  Wink   Russia Government massive incompetence ,in identifying priorities is the reason why Russia ,have to cut spending in the military projects and space.

    Just weeks ago Putin demanded a major multi billionaire investment in Populism.. in the Far east ..
    that is building roads and schools and infrastructure.. this is purely political management of the Russian
    budget to accumulate points with Russian citizens..  and a total miss-use of Russian budget.. money
    that could have been used to create jobs instead in Space exploration and jobs in the military industry.
    and promotion of thousands of new business. that military and space can do.

    So a big part of the money of pak-fa and pak-da , armata , and space , and Space program..
    have been diverted by Putin for populism and politics ..  to score more points with society..
    at the expense of leaving the nation behind in Space and leaving for second or third place
    the conventional forces in their military.

    But who needs 5th generations planes or armata tanks ,when Russia have nukes that can hit any part of the world?  Rolling Eyes  thats the argument some clueless people ,were using..for justifying so much money in cosmetic improvement of Russian cities in times Russia already in an undeclared war by the west. Imagine what Russia could have done with the 52 billions $USD Russia spend in Sochi.. Shocked   That will have allowed for protecting better the Russian military ,with full scale production of Armata , to significantly enhance their military capabilities in the incoming conventional wars that Russia will likely face.. and significantly boosted the development of Russia space program too and the creations of millions of jobs in business that will significantly enhance the quality of Russia economy to a more innovative and modern one..


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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Correct

    Post  calripson on Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:02 pm

    But of course, Putin is a politician first and foremost. He has to keep that calculus in mind. The Russian budget is currently running a surplus of circa $30 billion/year and Russian government debt/GDP is around 15%. Decisions are made by the finance ministry and like-minded western -educated (or New School of Economics) monetarists. These are the same type of Russians I used to work with. They would actually say things like "The more Russia's population shrinks the better - it means a higher per capita GDP." That is what you are dealing with.

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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: Anti-Putin Discussion

    Post  hoom on Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:45 pm

    Sounds a lot like sensible budget management to me.

    How dare a politician actually care for & spend money on things that make the lives of citizens better Shocked Rolling Eyes So terrible silent
    Can you imagine a US president cutting military projects to build schools, parks, roads & rail...

    US spent $$$6 trillion since 2001 on blowing shit up in Afghanistan, Iraq & absolutely massive defense contractor corruption, imagine what a shining beacon the US could have become with that spent on improving the domestic situation instead Neutral

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    Anti-Putin Discussion - Page 5 Empty Re: Anti-Putin Discussion

    Post  GarryB on Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:53 am

    US spent $$$6 trillion since 2001 on blowing shit up in Afghanistan, Iraq & absolutely massive defense contractor corruption, imagine what a shining beacon the US could have become with that spent on improving the domestic situation instead

    Actually it could have spent 5 trillion at home on infrastructure and schools and creating real jobs with living wages and then used the other 1 trillion to bribe the entire population of Afghanistan to change side to theirs...

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