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    Iran–PJAK conflict


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    Iran–PJAK conflict

    Post  Airman on Sun May 28, 2017 8:47 am

    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Members of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) terrorist group killed two Iranian border guards and injured five others in an armed clash in northwest of Iran.

    A gunfight occurred on Saturday evening between Iranian Police forces serving at Oroumiyeh border regiment and PJAK militants northwest of Iran.

    According to reports, troops from ‘Ziyaee’ border company came under attack as they were moving along the border for a routine changing of guards.

    The clash resulted in the martyrdom of Major Mohammad Reza Firouzi, commander of the company, and Warrant Officer Mohammad Reza Farahi.

    Five other soldiers were injured in the attack.

    PJAK is an offshoot of the internationally-recognized terrorist group, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which conducts deadly operations in western Iran, northern Iraq and southern Turkey.

    PJAK terrorists regularly engage in armed clashes with Iranian security forces along the country's western shared border with Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

    Two Iranian Border Guards Killed in Clash with PJAK Terrorists


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    Re: Iran–PJAK conflict

    Post  ATLASCUB on Sun May 28, 2017 10:50 pm

    Not much of a problem for Iran for now. The Kurds will be an issue as long as U.S presence and influence in the region stays strong. They get inspired of sorts...

    That's why, and I'll say it for a billionth time.... a Kurd autonomous region/mini-country is bad news for everyone there.

    I'm always a bit confused as to Russia's position on the Kurds. On the one hand the Kurds can be used to potentially split up Turkey/burn it in a civil war and make it an insignificant foe once and for all...on the other, it destabilizes the region and seeks refuge in U.S skirt = military bases and forward deployments = guaranteed U.S presence in the region on yet another plot of land. So what's the benefit of sticking it to Turkey and having the replacement be just as bad on the geostrategic side? Obviously working under that assumption....

    The alternative is Russia opposed to anything of this sort and just dealing with reality to sort out the Syrian conflict.

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