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    Soviet foreign military assistance


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    Soviet foreign military assistance

    Post  George1 on Fri May 26, 2017 12:12 am

    An interesting account. Soviet military aid to Chile was turned to Peru because of upcoming coup

    New details in the history of the Soviet-Peruvian military-technical cooperation

    At the readers' request, the bmpd blog details the interesting story related to the beginning of the history of the Soviet-Peruvian military-technical cooperation, which the AST Center was able to learn during the recent SITDEF-2017 exhibition in Peru.

    In mid-July 1973, in accordance with the agreement reached earlier, the Soviet Union sent several commercial cargo ships to Chile, with weapons, in particular, T-55 and MLRS "Grad". However, in connection with the ensuing known sharp change in the political situation in this Latin American country, the route of their movement at the last moment was changed.

    There are two versions that describe the details of this story. According to one of them, known to the director of the ACT Center, two weeks before the historic events, the Cuban leadership informed the KGB of the USSR about the upcoming coup.

    Another version is given in the notes on the discussion on Soviet-Chilean relations held at the Center for Public Studies (Centro de Estudios Publicos, Santiago) in 1998. One of the participants of the event told that the Soviet intelligence service learned about the preparation of the putsch from its own sources in the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

    Anyway, having this information, the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU could not allow a situation in which Soviet weapons were used against the legitimate government of Chile and directly during the storming of the presidential palace, therefore, an order was given to deploy ships and send weapons to another destination. Thus, Soviet tanks and volley fire systems were in Peru. Part of the military equipment transferred in that lot is still in the arsenal of this country.

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