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    M270 vs Smerch | ATCAMS vs Iskander


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    Post  George1 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:55 am

    The American answer to the Iskander

    The American Army is very worried that the opponents riveted (and continue to rivet) many, many cruise and ballistic missiles, primarily operational-tactical assignments (well, of course, for SSC-8 too).

    They say that they can shoot down everything, only the anti-missiles are more expensive and will end sooner than the ground-ground from the enemy.
    Moreover, they say that one must seriously puzzle who will answer for both the interception and the retaliatory strikes (including the FBD) -the land-keepers or the air force.

    In the meantime, the production of long-range high-precision missiles for its MLRS is being pumped (by 2020 it is promised to increase from current 6,000 to 10,000 per year), and most importantly, they loaded Raytheron with $ 116.4 million to develop Long-Range High-Precision Fire Means (Long Range Precision Fires, LRPF).

    The DeepStrike project assumes a system with two missiles (although, judging by the infographics, there may be an option with four), earth-land with a range of up to 499 km (just so, we all believe Smile) capable of hitting targets with the utmost precision.

    Fire tests are planned by the end of 2019.

    M270 vs Smerch | ATCAMS vs Iskander - Page 2 Deepstrike_infographic

    Many people ask about ATACMS, I will say why this system is not enough:
    A) range up to 300 km;
    B) number, incl. Directly on the starting;
    C) cost - there was even an episode with the termination of production for financial reasons.

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