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    Domestic production of gas turbine engines for Russian Navy


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    Domestic production of gas turbine engines for Russian Navy - Page 6 Empty good stuff

    Post  Gazputin on Mon May 20, 2019 9:49 am

    I've been trying to fully understand it all

    my understanding is the RAN are the world leaders in hybrid drives
    so you'd have to expect that the new QE-class carriers are the "latest"

    they seem to be using electric final drive and the generation of the electricity is from either the gas turbines or the diesels
    yes diesels for cruising ….. gas turbines for sprinting … generally but not strictly set that way it seems

    having electric final drives makes perfect sense as you don't need to have your drive shafts aligned with your gas turbines etc …
    and you can use pod drives … etc …. and gives you huge areas to design your ship differently re the engine room

    its pretty obvious to me that you want final electric drive … its a no brainer
    I can't see why it wouldn't all be DC …. so infinitely variable control should be a doddle
    you only use AC to transmit power over long distances …

    but yep definitely a big area of development …. everything will go this way
    no doubt in my mind

    as I've said endlessly on this site …. the 20386 corvette is a really important ship

    I really like these discussions …. instead of the endless drivel about missiles etc


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    Domestic production of gas turbine engines for Russian Navy - Page 6 Empty Re: Domestic production of gas turbine engines for Russian Navy

    Post  GarryB on Tue May 21, 2019 6:37 am

    In terms of generating electrical power the GT is ideal... compact and powerful... they don't like dust but that is a problem on a tank but not a ship... and they don't take load very well so a T-80 or an M1A Abrams will burn a lot of fuel driving around the place... mainly because a lot of the driving for a tank is not on motorways at top speed... it is sitting behind a house in a village and then rapidly moving from there to another point of concealment... so stationary and then short bursts of maximum acceleration and then stop... which is very inefficient for a gas turbine, but fine for an electric drive vehicle with gas turbine energy production because the GT just maintains ideal revs to generate electricity... the problem is storing that electricity in a way that it is always ready and also ready in great volumes for fast acceleration from cover to cover.

    On a ship you could just have several GTs where most of the time you only have one working generating electrical current to power everything on board and run at a modest speed... GTs are relatively quick and easy to start up so powering up another three GTs to power everything at full power and run at top speed is not a problem.

    You will have a capacitor bank to temporarily store more power and batteries too and when needed you can fire them up too for extra speed and power.

    Of course a small nuclear generator like a battery would be useful too for emergency backup, to get you home...

    You could optimise the GT to run on LNG so it will be cheap to run as Russia has plenty of that to spare... and one LNG tanker with 200K tons of LNG could keep a surface fleet going for months or years depending on the tempo of operations.

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