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    EMP proof missiles, satillites, subs, warships and everything.



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    EMP proof missiles, satillites, subs, warships and everything.

    Post  obliqueweapons on Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:25 am

    EMP reloading system in a war or for satellites in space.

    Here is a basic way to proof your satellite and make a system that if it gets jammed by a device or EMP from the sun, it will still work. You can even blow up nuclear bombs like this, or if jammed it detonates and EMP bomb destroying the jammer and it reloads if hit by emp.

    First all you need is a cars battery and electric windows system. What you then do is make a reloading system.

    With guided bomb GPS satellites, you can make the components very small and min. You keep all the circuit boards next to each other. When a EMP attack fryes the components, there are sheets of other components ready to go in.

    You can't jam a car battery or electric window. After an EMP attack, they both still work. They work of a basic system.

    What you do is make an electric component stop it from reading. So you have the motor turned on, but the component is stopping it from reloading. Once it get's hit by EMP, it will fry the component stopping it from reloading. Now once it get's fried, it will reload the board of components. So the component is pushing down with the motor stopping the spring loading wire from touching each other. Once jammed the motor stops pushing down on it. Now the springs will push it up and the wire to the battery will touch... RELOAD / BANG.

    In space guided bombs work by line of sight. You position satellites with nuclear bombs at points / areas. If you have guided bombs coming at you, you blow up the nuclear bombs taking out 6 or so of Americas satellites in the area. Taking out 6 of Americas satellite, should render their guided bombs unguided in that area.

    If they try to jam your nuclear bomb. You make a component that is already stopping the nuclear bomb from blowing up. Once it get's jammed, it doesn't work anymore, so the nuclear bomb blows up... Hooked up directly to an none jamming battery, that instantly detonates the nuclear bomb.

    It's well documented that a blast of EMP that strong from the sun, will fry electronics.

    Now watch the video. put the link together.

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    Re: EMP proof missiles, satillites, subs, warships and everything.

    Post  George1 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:19 pm

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