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    Axis of Evil Israel-USA-Germany



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    Axis of Evil Israel-USA-Germany

    Post  kristov_ginter on Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:08 pm

    Hi, I wrote a text that is focused on Israel and their politics. I think it is valuable thing and that is why I share this with my slavic brothers. Please read this from cover to cover and your time won't be wasted. If you like it please share it with others through different chanels.


    This text may cause the whole scale of different feelings. Dignity and contempt. Love and hatred. Sorrow and laughter. Instead of laughing please think how to improve your environment or just pray if you believe in God. Read it from cover to cover. Enjoy... although there is no joy between these letters.

    This text would serve you puzzle after puzzle. Try to compose them into one picture.

    There exist probably many civilization of intelligent beings in our or in another universe. There is civilization that use different languages and is divided into different nations like ours. Moreover there is a nation among them that is very particular. This nation claims that they are superior to others and every being of this nation is raised in belief that they are better than the rest of their species. Children are taught that other nations endanger them. Since the beginning of the existence of this nation it’s representatives wander along the whole surface populated by this civilization. In the history of this nation they changed their places of living many times. There are a lot of reasons why but the main one is the will of other nations to get rid of them. There must be a logical reason. The particular nation has the same strategy since ages. They pretend that they are victims and they are cursed by the fate.

    The particular nation does not have better genetic conditions than the rest of their species. Even if they have, it is not a significant difference between them and the others. However, they dispose a huge knowledge. The power of their minds is enormous. Not all of them of course but there are many powerful beings among them.

    The civilization extracts resources, which are used as a method of payment. Let’s call this methods money. Particular nation is exceptionally well educated in making money. It is the result of their huge knowledge which were created by them through numerous generations. Imagine yourself that the particular nation has more resources than other nations all together. They are not counting money. They are counting the power gained due to their wealth. Unfortunately there is a lot of greedy beings that are able to sell the power given them by democratic society. However not everyone could be convicted to bribery. There are other solutions for such cases (Lech Kaczyński, Mu’ammar Kaddafi, Mubarak, Assad etc.).

    Instead of using valuable resources as money the civilization uses something that has value close to zero. The fiduciary money is the trick created by representatives of the particular nation. They managed to convince others that barely valuable resource is worth as much as other valuable resources such as metals, gases etc. The value of the fiduciary money exists only in the minds of beings. Supply and demand of the money is easily steered by centralized institutions. Events called as crisis are caused with the help of the powerful tool which is central banking and the ability to manipulate interest rates. The aim of crisis is to collect more and more power. Powerful representatives of the particular nation strive to convince others for collecting their wealth in fiduciary money or to become beings driven by exaggerated consumption. On the other hand they collect their wealth in valuable resources or invest to earn more and more. Remember that paradoxically crisis is the easiest and quickest way to build up the fortune if you are aware that crisis is coming. The difference of a real value of the present fiduciary money in comparison to earlier method of payment is the same as difference between cellulose and gold. Next step planned by the representatives of the particular nation is liquidation of any kind of physical money. All that masquerade was predicted by the same guy that discovered a real dependency between sun and earth (Copernicus). Everyone who wants to reinstate a gold standard is immediately killed and completely destroyed (Mu’ammar al-Kaddafi).

    The real aim of the particular nation is absolute control over the whole society. They created a tool that is used to gather a huge piece of information about majority of the population. At least the richest part of the population. It is a beautiful trick because they collect information according to law without any disagreement of the society. The society feels good and happy with that and there will be the same feeling among them when the chips will be located under their skin. You are treated as the number not a being but this time would be no tattoo on your skin as previously. Technology speeds up. (NWO)

    The particular nation is going to take control over all of the most profitable businesses. One of them is the one responsible for creating awareness and knowledge of the society. Everyone who created or is creating a product showing the painful truth is ignored, derided and destroyed. This business tries to deceive the society as much as possible. To show the truth, creators have to use fables or science fiction. Otherwise the censorship would do theirs best to stop the process by fair means or fouls. Look at the fate of M.C.G.G. who created an extraordinary and sincere product. There is even a great product about the tool mentioned in earlier paragraph, in which famous JT contributed. It’s a pity that it is false and farce.

    The particular nation controls the businesses of the most valuable resources especially energetic ones (OPEC). They steer the supply and demand for them. Due to this possibility they control the price of them. This ability of manipulating the price helps them to fight with their biggest enemy who has a lot of energetic resources hidden under their beautiful soil. It is the way of weakening their largest threat. Another way of fighting is to support the enemies of the biggest enemy, no matter who they are, even if they are fanatic murderers (Donbass, crISIS).

    The particular nation in a high degree controls the business responsible for taking care of health of the whole population. They cure themselves in a healthy and natural way. On the other hand they serve others expensive poisons that in fact kill the weakest beings. Only those who are stronger than their diseases would survive. Moreover particular nation is working on creating special viruses, which help them to multiply their wealth, power and to get rid of the weakest ones (HIV). The biggest harm is done to those who differentiate with the particular nation by the colour of their skin. They are the weakest part of the whole civilization. Particular nation wants to limit the number of beings and the other colour is the first in the queue to being exterminated. All of this harm is done in innocently looking way using so called humanitarian means.

    The particular nation has a lot of painful events in their history. During the biggest conflict in the history of the civilization, that underwent in two steps, in which a significant percentage of the whole population was killed, the particular nation suffered the most. Most of their representatives were murdered by the industry of death. After that smoky massacre the nation decided to come back to their roots. Dozens of years passed and they prepared their close brothers, who have other but similar religion, same fate that met them during the bloody massacre. Camps of death. Everyone could see this but they pretend that nothing happens and they choose the silence and passive attitude instead of deeds against this evil (Jasir Arafat).

    Majority of the conflicts are preceded by faked pseudo-events. Aim of this events is to convince the society to agree for the conflict. Most of this events is a fictional terrorism (11th Sep). Sacrifice of being’s life does not matter. They are only numbers in the system. Officially conflicts are driven by the aim of introduction of peace and so called great system namely democracy. All of this bullshit is just a masquerade. The particular nation wants to introduce democratic governments because they are easily controlled by the power of the money. Their target is to create a world government and to gain absolute control over the world and even the universe. Particular nation controls some of the most powerful governments of the world and strives to take control over other powerful nations. They clobber their affairs using someone’s hands. There is no introduction of peace whereas there is no other gain in the involvement in a conflict. Business is business. Sometimes there is a business in a further development of the war (Donbass, Yugoslavia, Hutu vs. Tutsi). In such cases there is always someone ready to sell guns.

    Particular nation does not mix their blood with others. Those who do that, quickly lose their identity and belongingness to their nation. The nation is convinced that the most powerful being would be born from their blood. Let’s call the most powerful being a number “33”. They believe that they are chosen by the higher beings from other dimensions, absolute, God etc. This is the reason why “33” would be born from their blood. They did not noticed that “33” was already born. Other powerful being called “666” made them blind. That is why they have not seen the light.

    The truth about the particular nation is even more painful and shocking than that what you have read already. So called chosen nation decided to accelerate the process of the evolution. They want to get rid of the weakest representatives of the population. Moreover, they mainly focused on their own nation. They believe that “33” would be their compatriot, that is why they decided to accelerate the evolution. The most bloody conflict in the history of the civilization is nothing else like pseudo-event that hidden the essence. The essence and the largest secret of Polichinelle of this conflict was the elimination of the representatives of the chosen nation. Only the best and the luckiest of them survived but audaces fortuna iuvat. Realization of this bloody plan was in the hands of the guy who had roots among the chosen nation. After completing his mission he probably committed suicide like the one who betrayed “33”. The most powerful representatives of the chosen nation believe that by their bloody means they accelerated birth of “33”. However, he has already come. Nowadays we are looking for “44” who will come from the nation of slaves. His time is coming soon. Be ready then.

    Of course not all supporters of NWO are Jews and not all Jews are evil human beings. However, I presume that Jews are the majority of advocates of this bloody plan. For sure the most powerful and the richest beings are Jews. Do not look for them on the Forbes list, they do they best to be unknown. They do not need fame. Check the Bilderberg’s group, history of Rockefeller’s fortune and FED’s history if you are keen on this topic. Interesting thing is the list of guests on Simon Peres’s funeral. Look who had yarmulke on the head, it is a helpful hint.

    Imagine yourself all these given puzzles composed together. Are you laughing or crying, loving or hating, praying or losing your faith?

    Chriβt0v Jac0b Micha3l Gűnter

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