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    Project 11711E: "Ivan Gren" class



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    Re: Project 11711E: "Ivan Gren" class

    Post  miroslav on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:32 am

    Isos wrote:
    Militarov wrote:Outdated as concept, that is the problem. Future ships of the class would require major reworks to fit current naval doctrine, so its alot easier to just finish two existing hulls and proceed with another projects instead.

    Why is it an outdated concept ? Do you mean that these sort of landing ships should be replaced with LHD or just this class is badly designed and should be redigned ?  

    And what is the new naval doctrine ? Can you develop ?

    I think that it's wrong to call the ship outdated, why. As it was mentioned before and as it is quite obvious this is a 120m long ship not a 200-250m long universal amphibious assault monster. Sure, I would like to see a 100 mm gun on the front and a close in air defense systems based on missiles (or a combined module) but it's still ok, it has the "Grad" like launchers for land targets, two helicopters and a big loading crane.

    Basically you are saying that only a 200m long ship can be of any use to the naval infantry.

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