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    T-90 MBT: News



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    Re: T-90 MBT: News

    Post  KoTeMoRe on Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:00 am

    KiloGolf wrote:
    Benya wrote:According to the Military Balance 2016 report issued by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Russia`s Land Forces operate 350 T-90/T-90A main battle tanks; 200 more T-90 tanks have been placed in store.

    Never caught that on the news. What prompted them in putting 200 of such modern MBTs in storage?  dunno
    First they decided to get rid of the T-80 and now this. Well it seems Russia will settle for a rather small MBT force after all.
    They're First batch tanks with similar offensive assets than current 72B3. They're the ones earmarked for upgrade.


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    Re: T-90 MBT: News

    Post  franco on Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:24 pm

    The military action in Syria are the first, where the Russian T-90 was a baptism of fire.

    About a year ago, these tanks modification "A" were seen on the Russian air base used videoconferencing Hmeymim and destined for its defense.

    The emergence of the latest available SAR armed Russian tanks caused a strong reaction in many of the Western media. Presentations of experts, called T-90A "supertankom" boiled down to the conclusion that Russia has deployed to the airbase a few cars, because the Syrian government forces, armed with T-72, can not ensure the protection of the air base. T-90 is better suited for the defense of such a facility in the desert, as it is more secure tower, integrated with the main thermal sight, an improved stabilizer guns and improved automatic loader. A mounted on the tank fire control system, superior world counterparts, allowing the machine to move the first shot to hit moving targets in almost any weather.

    Analysts of the journal The National Interest then noted that if the militants of the terrorist group Daishev (Arabic name banned in Russia "Islamic State" - a comment. "RG") apply captured in Iraq, US tanks the M1A1 "Abrams" is against the T-90 have no chance. In addition to the low training terrorists outcome of the match and experts explained further equipment of the worst "Abrams" - for export, they were supplied in the version with reduced features.

    A few months later it became known that some tank units Syrian government troops were armed with T-90 sample as military aid from the Russian Federation in 1992. Crews were formed from the SAR personnel who have experience in driving T-72 and retrained.

    The first T-90 were used by Syrian troops in Aleppo province. In the Internet published several videos depicting the participation of Russian-made tanks in the fighting in the region.

    Middle East media reported that it was the T-90 played a significant role in the successful operations of ATS units of the army. Armored vehicles provide promotion assault groups, as a result of which were released on the strategically important settlements, as well as ways to cut off the supply of militants. Some of the tanks were deployed in the cities, to take control of Syrian forces.

    A number of sources can be seen and the responses military ATS members of the crew of the T-90. According to them, all the nuances of Russian cars are they still unknown, but recent battles have proven efficacy and good protection of these tanks from many types of weapons, including advanced anti-missile systems, the TOW, which in large quantities are terrorists.

    A clear proof of this has been appeared in February this year on the web about Aleppo captured video showing an attack of militants who used TOW-2A anti-Russian tank. The missile struck the frontal part of the tower. The story gleefully fighters stopped abruptly after the tank tower appeared live crew member. Later there was also subjected to shock photo of T-90, which was on the Syrian repair plant. It has been reported that the machines were replaced by sights headroom and dynamic protection units.

    Notable are also the pictures, which show how the T-90 can withstand hit three rockets. According to the participants of the battle, the terrorists first fired one missile at a car, then two more. The first exploded on the approach, the second slightly damaged the caterpillar, and the third and all passed. The tank was able to continue driving and shooting.

    In the ranks of the SAR personnel, according to some sources, often sounded the opinion that a greater number of T-90 would facilitate rapid completion of combat operations in the country.

    According to an expert on the Syrian crisis Yuri Lyamina, quoted by "Herald of Mordovia", at the disposal of CAP are not more than three dozen T-90 government troops.

    - These tanks are spread along the front line. In one direction is not used for more than one company. For example, about Aleppo at the end of the past - the beginning of this years there were only about a dozen cars - said Ljamin.

    The publication also notes that since the advent of neither the T-90 was not destroyed in Syria. The only loss can be considered only capture militants in the Aleppo region in early June, almost serviceable tanks.


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    Re: T-90 MBT: News

    Post  KoTeMoRe on Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:47 pm

    Iranian Qarrar before the modernization, A Safir with all kinds of ERA and bells and whistles.

    Yes, I told you so.


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    Catherine cameras an integral part of Army’s T-90 main battle tanks

    Post  Pinto on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:40 am

    Over 7,000 units in service on board 30 types of fighting vehicles globally


    Antoine Caput, Vice-President and Country Director — India, Thales​

    The most complete range of cameras available globally for target acquisition and weapon engagements by land vehicles — the Catherine family of thermal imaging cameras — are an integral part of the Indian Army’s T-90 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

    The T-90s are originally Russian tanks. In November 2006, India ordered a batch of 330 T-90 tanks, to be licence-built by Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi near Chennai.

    Making of ‘Bhishma’

    The factory was set up by the Ordnance Factories Board to manufacture heavy battlefield equipment. It manufactures India’s main battle tank Arjun and the T-90s. The locally assembled MBTs were christened ‘Bhishma’, and are fitted with the Shtora self-protection system as well as Catherine thermal imagers from Thales of France and Peleng of Belarus.

    India has about 850 T-90 tanks now and plans to induct 1,640 T-90 tanks by 2020. Though the Catherine thermal imager is already in service with the Indian Army, this May, French defence and aerospace company Thales won a new order.

    “Thales won a contract from Beltech (European firm) to provide Catherine thermal imaging cameras for T-90 MBTs of the Indian Army,” said Antoine Caput, Vice-President and Country Director – India, Thales.

    As part of the contract, Caput went on to add, “Thales is making a transfer of production to integrate 260 compact LWIR (longwave infrared) thermal imaging (TI) Catherine into Beltech’s TI Sights, that will be installed on the T-90 battle tanks of Indian Army.” The tanks have a guided weapon system and ballistic computer facilities to ensure accurate firing.

    Noting that thermal imagers tend to allow gunners, commanders and observers see by night and by day in adverse conditions, Caput said more than 7,000 Catherine cameras are in service on-board 30 types of fighting vehicles globally.

    The cameras’ combination of functionality, long-range performance and extended situational awareness has made the Catherine MP the current UK-preferred in-service Thermal Imager (TI) with the British Army. Its networked battlefield capability improves battlefield situational awareness, while the high definition TI with megapixel resolution offers flexibility and reliability where extreme performance is demanded on land, sea and air platforms.

    The new order consolidates Thales leadership in optronic technologies in India. “With an association that started in 1953, Thales has been an active contributor to India’s development, especially in the fields of defence, aerospace and ground transportation,” said Caput, adding the transfer of production of Catherine contributed to the ‘Make in India’ policy of the Indian government.

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