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    Post  George1 on Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:47 pm

    105-mm howitzer M101 on the chassis of the truck "Ural" in Vietnam

    In Vietnam, the further development of the pilot installation of the American howitzer M101A1 on the chassis of the Russian truck Ural was presented.

    The first pilot plant was introduced in 2014.

    The Vietnamese Armed Forces, having studied the world and especially the South Korean experience, in the creation and use of mobile howitzers, began to develop their own version.

    The tool itself is an American howitzer, developed back in the Second World War and is still in the arsenal of the armies of many countries of the world. The decision with the use of existing technical developments to create a self-propelled gun mount, allows to reduce development and operation costs. The cannon uses artillery shells 105x372R, the combat mass of howitzer is 2260 kg, the angle of vertical guidance is from -5 to 66 degrees, the angle of horizontal guidance is 46 degrees in each direction, the initial speed of the projectile is 472 m / s, the maximum range of fire is more than 11 km.

    The upgraded installation, designated as M-3, is the deployment of the US 105 mm howitzer M101A1 to the partially armored in Vietnam chassis Ural-375D with an additional 12.7 mm machine gun.

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